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  1. When I selected the team 130106, Gary went directly to Xun Zhi's dormitory ~ and Xun Zhi was particularly happy ~ The two people who were particularly tacit. Essence HOHO ~ Then when you change the dress, you are playing with wigs ~ 懵 h h h h ~ I also took a picture ~ At the end of the guardian of the Queen, these two were left ~ Gary puts the death of Xun Zhishou ~ 懵 懵 懵 ~ 懵 懵 懵 懵 ~ Zhi is also holding gary tightly ~ hahahahahaha ~ (I don't know that everyone can't hold the details, but I like to pay attention to their details. For example Behind the hiding arms, there is only one picture when eating behind someone ~ hahaha) When eating, but also sitting together. Then there was the final game. It was also stood together at the beginning. When the stone OPPA wanted to tear the name of the wisdom, Gary immediately went up tightly, protecting the name bar, and protecting Xun Zhi in his arms. Finally OUT. (But I think this kind of ginger gary is the most handsome)

    130113 When the gas station is not a team, the two people stand together. Then it was the end. There is a big picture entering the elevator, and the two are walking together.

    130120 is also standing together at the beginning. After putting on the ice hockey uniform, Gary helped Xun Zhi to the goal and joked and said, "Quickly talk to me ... associate with me ..." Hahaha. Then after the end of the first half, the middle rest was also for Gary Jun to think of her wisdom and helped her back to rest. In the second half, I also came out in Shi OPPA that Jiang Gary came to take care of it, and then Xun Zhi immediately asked Jiang Gary to take care of himself hahahahahaha. Gary and Xun Zhi are the order or two when the high platform jumps. After the jump, the two stood together.

    130127 Xie Zhi grabbed Gary's task paper, and later formed the GA Alliance. Hahaha. Later, someone presented Hua Zhi. Gary snatched the flowers and kneeled down for her. She accepted. Later, he hugged. Xun Zhi's little expression is really. Essence Hahahahahaha. Then the seven people gathered on the stairs. Tong Zhi and Gary are together. In the end, only Guoer and these two. These two siege. Unfortunately, Xun Zhi was torn off. The remaining Gary to Guer. Gary joked. Zhixiao ah a minute later. Then in 2013. After the resurrection, the couple was still on Monday. Gary becomes wise. Zhixiao becomes gary. Hahaha. Unfortunately, Gary tore off the name bar of Zhixiao. But I was very guilty. Zhixiao also talks about fools. Can you deal with them alone.

    130203 Zhixiao answering the question was embarrassed. It's the second half of Gary's help. When I finally made a picture, Gary screamed with wisdom when I turned the water painting over. Essence Hahaha.

    13021 0 This issue Gary and 懵 智 are both spies. When the guest got out of the car, Xiao Zhizhi kept grabbing Gary's arm. When the question and answer, Xun Zhi also asked Gary. Always laugh again. Then, in the end, Gary said that it was true that Zhixiao knew Gary the most. Hahaha. Then the first two came out. Essence Really fate hahaha.

    130217 When the plane was flying, the two sat together naturally. Then follow this team. It's another group. Sitting scholars are also together. Then when I was looking for the key, I went to the jewelry shop, and Xun Zhi saw a three -carat diamond ring. Then I told the owner that Keep name is ginger. Then Gary took for Zhixiao. Hahaha. This is super love! Intersection Gary is afraid to die. Xun Zhi beat him with a slap (Personally feel. Who dares to do this.) Gary just looking for words when Zhixiao bungee jumping. He shouted loudly. Oh Zhixiao. Essence Is that surprise or worrying that he only knows. Essence Then he held up with Gary for a while after returning. Essence Gary also said that this woman is worthy of his favorite. Hahaha.

    130224 The morning Gary OPPA was out of the head. Tong Zhi happened to be outside again. After that, Xun Zhi entered the Gary room. It feels like entering his own home. Hahaha. Unfortunately, when the player changed the player, he changed away. But hiding cats still met. The two lost and hugged. The giraffe is going to drive him away. Then after getting in the car, a shot felt that I felt that I was leaning on Gary. When chasing the war. Gary first torn off the stone OPPA. Then there was a wisdom left. These two alliances fight against the blue team. But. Essence Finally, Gary gave OUT. Essence Hey.

    130303 After finding the location, the countdown is the second one. I said at Shi OPPA and sit next to my boyfriend on Monday. Gary also brought a Kiss hat. It was also joked. Standing together during the visit. This issue is Jackie Chan Gary in a selfie, and Xun Zhi compared to 2 next to him. Then Haha asked Jackie Chan for call, Jackie Chan joked that men could not do women. Pointing at Xun Zhi, Gary came out immediately and said no. This woman can't. Hahaha. When you throwing the bottle cap, Gary just thought about me just thinking about me. Then there is a alarm clock conversation. This paragraph is absolutely classic. When the team members were mixed, the two were finally sitting together. Then during the question and answer, Uncle Wang asked whether he had the idea of ​​interacting with Gary, and said that he could consider it. after. Essence Well, let's go and see it yourself! Hahaha.

    130310 When I came to close the door, I didn't know how the two people suddenly came together. Anyway, it's together. Hahaha. When it was chased by Haha, it was also one after another. Later, when I planned to attack Haha, Gary also said that Zhixiao was careful. After the two were separated, Jiang Gary kept thinking about Zhixiao, Zhixiao, and could not see it. When haha ​​had the ability to eliminate Gary, Xun Zhi went to save him. Unfortunately, he was almost torn off by Uncle Wang's nose. When Li Dongxu used to copy, the two were together. Zhixiao's name bar has become a good detail of Gary. Later, Xun Zhi also danced Gary's dance. Ha ha. But in the end, Gary on the back of Xun Zhi was torn off. Essence Hahaha.

    130317 This issue is a couple special princess and fool Wenda. At the beginning, Xun Zhi across two combinations and gary haha. Gary has been teasing Zhixiao to eat persimmons (because he wants to pretend to be a fool, hey hahahahaha). Then when he left, Haha and Xun Zhi pulled Gary and jealous. Later, I got on the car Gary and Xun Zhi sitting in front, haha ​​in the back seat. G Let Gary help her open it. hey-hey. There is also a Gary selling cute behind! Intersection That coquettish rapper is super cute! Intersection Then the hot spring. Wu Zhi answered the wrong question, gary, and she was laughing. Later, Gary secretly told Yan Zhi to answer the correct answer. But was found and sprayed. Later, a question was answered and Gary said LOVE later. hey-hey. Gary complained that Gary was almost sprayed. Xun Zhi turned around and said to Gary, dear, you are so handsome. Gary is immediately happy. Hahahahahahaha. Then there is a bachelor biscuits. Essence This is definitely a classic. I do n’t know how to describe it, but I have watched at least dozens of times every time the bachelor biscuits. Absolutely classic. Essence That laughter or shy or shy. Essence It looks like. Essence Hahahahahaha. Everyone experienced it. There is also the task of His Royal Highness. It is beautiful and beautiful since the moment they picked up the wisdom! Absolute match! Gary super handsome! Intersection Pass at one time! The power of couples on Monday! Intersection Then when entering the boxing field, Gary helped Zhixiao La's line. During the game, haha ​​jokingly said, you can get married when you finish this. Then Gary was full of fighting spirit. Then Da Zhi's hand was pulled away during the game.下 Gary let her down. Gary said I can't get away you. Talking many times. After winning, there is another tight hug.
    130324 The two have been standing together. Later, watching the war also sat together. In the end, there are only two left. When Xun Zhi went out, he told Gary to see his brother for a while. After gary, Gary was worried to himself. This child hasn't woke up yet. These two are so cute haha. At the end of the surname, there was only Monday in Shi and Jinxiu Road. In fact, if you look closely, you will find that Gary has been protecting Zhixiao. After winning the car, the two were sitting in the end of the car. Get together. Ha ha. Water fighting Gary's general power is occasionally capable. Super handsome! , Super proud. When grabbing the flag, Gary and Xun Zhi joined forces to grab the first time.

    130331 Gary, if you do n’t change the place, it ’s a group of Yizhi. Unfortunately, I changed the stone in the end. It's a pity. When throwing the ball later. Everyone pays attention to Gary's instincts after giving the giraffe to stand in front of Xun Zhi, and then reacts to Li Yunxi in front of Li Yunxi. At the end of the reasoning, the first reaction of the jaw is very developed. The first reaction is Jiang Gary. Puff ha ha ha ha ha. How do you know that Gary's chin is very developed o> _ u003Co ~.

    130407 This period is a personal war, so it is not much. Just many times, Tong Zhi and Gary are together. In the end, I thought it was done on Monday.

    130414 In this period of intellectual Q

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