1 thought on “What is the difference between Rapper on the ground and underground rapper? What is the specific definition?”

  1. Underground rap and Rapper on the ground. The former generally does not appear in front of the public, and the latter is generally on TV.
    The underground Rapper refers to the cultural circle of playing hip -hop. Rapper on the ground has a company. They follow the company's arrangements and are generally group combinations.
    idol rapper (idol rapper) at the beginning was just holding the composer's words at the request of the entertainment company to sing a rap in the combination song. Strictly speaking, it can only be counted as the RAP in the KPOP combination, not a real rapper. Some raps are even because they can only read rap because they are not singing well. They do not understand Hiphop at all.
    The characteristics of underground music are niche, maverick, and clear personality. They have not been integrated by mainstream culture. South Korea's black bubbles (underground activities) mean that they play hip -hop people's own circle, non -love beans, some of the songs written by the underground Rapper can't even be released publicly, let alone the sound list. But they have their own forums, websites and communication circles.
    It the underground rapper of China has always been available, but there is always no good time to show these people show their stage. Among them, there are rapper players called Sun Bayi. He came to power in real look. At that time, he was wearing a hip -hop suit, a big gold chain on his neck, and a unique ring on his fingers. His show of wealth was accused by the audience.
    In fact, in reality, Rapper comes from the black people. The black people's understanding of the rich is displayed by showing off, so Sun Bayi's appearance is authentic Sun Bayi's image. The top five Rapper in China include Emperor Xie, Ouyang Jing and others.
    This hip -hop is a music style evolved in rapper. Strictly speaking, it is also one of Rapper. For so many years in China, many non -mainstream elements have flowed into China. Rapper is also the beginning of this period by the Chinese people. I like it in the traditional concept of China.
    RAPPER enthusiasts have implicit words of rebellion. These rapper youths were not recognized by the mainstream social society. Later, like the evolution of the black Rapper, the birth of the underground Rapper in China. These bones are compared to compared with these bones. Amazing children reveal their dissatisfaction through Rapper's rap, and in the early underground Rapper works in China.
    The content of abuse and curse, contempt, etc., their development has always been restricted by the environment. Later, some people took the lead in changing and attempts, so that Rapper walked into the recording studio.

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