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  1. 信息Shw☼ basic information
    SHINee albums (19 photos) Korean writing 샤이니 SHINee's meaning "SHINee" is a new term for "SHINEE" to take "SHINE", combined with noun words "EE" (Same as the English SHINY), which represents "people who are shining and shining, are shining with light", hoping that they will be attracted by the light and magnesium lights, and also contains pursuit of diverse music without being affected by age and region (country). The restrictions that attract more music fans' "SHINee" ghosts. The official Fansclub name SHINEE World can be abbreviated as shw or shawol, which means that the music world will be led by SHINEE [1]. The entire world will belong to SHINee, and SHINee's music will eventually shine to everyone. The FANSCLUB badge uses a diamond ring as a symbol. The word SHINee World is printed in the circle, which means that Shinee is a shining diamond, and Fans is supporting and supporting their ring seats. Supporting color pearl lake water color (Chinese name is directly translated according to the official Korean words, and there is no word "blue"; English name is translated by foreign rice) Shinee World's support
    , the support color belongs to Near blue and green, also known as lake blue, blue -green, lake green, in fact the Chinese name is not officially defined. This color is the color of clear water. It is a pale band green blue, which is close to the sky blue representing the sky. The sky blue is a kind of purple blue. As the representative color of natural water such as Jiang, Hai, Lake, and Creek, it does not represent the ocean, and the color of the ocean is dark sea blue. The position of the fixed formation from left to right is: Wenliu, Taemin, Zhong Yan, Minhao, Key (general situation) enter the team sequence of Zhong Yan, Tai Min, Key, Minhao, Wenliu FAN universal name age ratio ratio ratio ratio Wen Liuda is called sister rice (regiment) younger than Taimin is called sister rice (group) younger than Wenliu and more than Taimin is known as clip rice (group)
    SHW☼ Member Introduction
    The gentleman Wenliu
    Wenliu [Onew] [온유] Real name: Li Zhenji [Lee jinki]
    (At the age of 18 when he debuted) Constellation: Sagittarius nickname: Niu Niu, Wen Niu, Snail, Jane Chicken, Steamed Chicken, Rabbit, Azhen, Li Rabbit, Team, Win Team, Loose Winflow, Tofu (Korean Fan's favorite name named ), Wen Zhufeng (named Zhu Feng in the musical), Zhen Genghis Khan (nicknamed in "Night Planet"), Wen Drew Height: 177cm Weight: 60-61kg Blood Type: O-type interest/special length: Singing, piano, Chinese personal skills: imitating Donald duck's call, member Zhong Yan's singing method (example: oxygen -like you, Jojo), leessang's "A woman who can't break up" People, in Jiangsu Satellite TV's "Preparation of Moments", have been displayed) Foods that are favorite: fried chicken, rice, water (a lot of water), kimchi fried rice education made by mother: Qingyun University Music Broadcasting Department (at school) [Super Junior Lite, Yiyou; Actor Su Zhizheng Graduation School] Draft experience: 06 's. M. Academy member Wen Liu (11 photos) official image: Rabbit exclusive emoji: ^ ▽ ^ Representative color: green warm baby: notebook computer: notebook computer: notebook computer: notebook computer Family members: Parents, the only child (no sister) ideal type: Lin Yuner (Girls' Generation), Gao Xianzhen, Scarlett Johnson, Li Yingxian (Big Mama), and After School. 1. At first glance, the person who feels very attractive makes yourself feel that the other half in my life is her (picking from Live Chatting in 2009) 2. Girls with beautiful hands. (Excerpt from Hunan Satellite TV Happy 8 Magazine) 3. Girls with common language. (Excerpted from in-korean-magazine) 4. Cute girls. Beautiful women. (Excerpted from "EASY") Personal experience: In 2008, he sang "LOVE Love" with Li Xianzhi (member of Banana Girl) in the second mini album of Girls' Generation in 2009. In the fixed MC of the comprehensive show "Now is the Flower Mei Men's Age", the second MINI album "Romeo" and Zhong Yan's "Please, DONT Go (Dream)" SHINee's third MINI album "2009.year" in 2009 "The name I love" (Feat. Jin Yuanyou) in the 2009 Girls 'Generation Asian Tour Seoul Station and Jessica chorus "One Year Later" in 2010. In the 2010 Girls' Generation Asian Tour Shanghai Station and Jessica chorus " One year (One Year Later "in 2010 starred in the musical" Brothers Are Brave "in 2010 as Zhu Feng in 2010 as the KBS2 variety show" Night Planet "and participated in the second formal album" Lucifer "" Your "in 2010 The production of name "(lyric) in 2010 starred in the musical" ROCK of Ages "as the unknown rock volunteer of the rock star Drew 2010 and f (x) members Krystal as the MBC Music Center MC (100807 and 100814 ) In 2010, Pei Xiuzhi, Miss A member Pei Xiuzhi, T-ara member Zhiyan as a fixed MC personal introduction from 101030: It can be called "the gorgeous piano prince Wenliu who can soothe people's hearts", piano bombing It is very good, and is the captain of the gentle and lyrical route like Lit. Wen Liu feels a quiet and gentle feeling like his name. Because he is very prominent in many aspects, he has been awarded the captain. He is still a model student with a good mind. Not only is his homework door good, he also has the second place in the school in the final exam. When I was in high school, I was influenced by the predecessor of BOA, and decided to embark on the way of the singer. In his statement, he said: "A kind of burning desire that I ignited myself made me participate in the selection and lucky to become a trainee, and realized my dream. "For him, it is the happiest thing to sing and dance in the world. When selecting the most inconsistent with the first impression, Wen Liu is often recommended by everyone. As the captain, the Wenliu, who led SHINee to the predecessor of Yunhao, who was going forward together, also deliberately took the scriptures from the East Kamika.
    This lead singer Zhong Yan
    Zhong Yan [Jong Hyun] Full name: Kim Jongye [Kim Jonghyun] in the team: Lord singer, voices of tinching whatever .08 (18 years old at the time of debut) Constellation: Aries nickname: Gold Bling, Junmei, Sanjin, Little Dinosaur, Street God, Jjong (Nickname) Height: 173cm Weight: 56kg Blood Type: AB Interest/ Specialty: Watching movies, singing, lyrics, Chinese sleeping position: open eyes to sleep: Seoul Practical Music School (graduated) Qingyun University Music Broadcasting Department (in the middle school) [Super Junior Lite, Yisheng; Actor Su Zhizheng Graduation School] Draft experience: 05 's. M. Casting System [Beijing Language Training (2007)] Official image: Dog Exclusive Emoticon Symbol: ㅎㅅ ㅎ Representative color: Blue Baby Baby: MP3 family member: father, mother, sister (kim song dam) The ideal type of Zhong Yan: Han Caiying, Li Minzhen, and Shen Shijing's girlfriend: Shen Shijing (recognized by the two parties of the two parties) Personal experience: 2008 Zhang Liyin's first album "The Erotic Love" Chorus 2008 SHINee's first album "The Shinee Worldd "Hey Ya (Y Si Furaella)" in 2009, the fixed MC in 2009, participated in the second MINI album "Romeo (Romeo)" in 2009 (lyric) SHINee second in 2009 Zhang MINI album "Romeo" and Wen Liu chorus "Please, DONT Go (Dream)" in 2010 participated in the second regular album "Lucifer" "Obsession" (lyrics) in 2010 participated in the second regular album in 2010 The production of the G20 event theme song of the G20 event theme song of the G20 event theme song of "UP

  2. "SHINee" is a group name "SHINee", which is a group name "SHINE", who leads the contemporary and high school students who lead the contemporary and high school students at the age of 15 to 19 when they debut at the beginning of their debut. Its shining significance, a new term combined with "EE" at the end of the noun (the same sound as the English SHINY), represents "the shining and bright people", hopes that they will be attracted by the light and magnesium lamps. , Also contains the pursuit of diverse music, not being restricted by age and regional (country), attracting more music fans, "SHINee", the ambition of the little ghost, the color of the color of the pearl lake, the lead singer Zhong Yan, the lead singer Zhong Yan, Zhong Yan

  3. "SHINee" is a combination of contemporary popularity composed of Taimin, Min Hao, Key, Zhong Yan, and Wen Liu, who is still 15-19 years old. In all areas such as popularity and other fields, and leading the band combination in line with the trend. Just as the BAND combination name, "SHINee" presented their unique pop music for the public, and it will also bring a new BAND image in the fields of dance and trend.

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