1 thought on “What are the general levels of broken diamonds on the ring?”

  1. The level of diamond ring is divided into four aspects: carat weight, clarity, color, and cutting.
    The broken diamonds are also divided into levels. Most of the naked diamonds above 30 points when they buy diamonds are more authoritative and accurate. Diamonds below 30 points have no GIA certificate, mainly because the GIA certificate appraisal cost is more expensive and costs hundreds of yuan, and the value of small diamond itself is not high. Diamonds below 30 points will not issue a GIA diamond grading certificate. However, the experienced sorting masters will seize the grading and color of the broken diamond through the naked eye to pack the broken diamonds of the same level.
    The broken diamonds are also complete diamonds. Most of the shapes are round diamonds. There are diamond structures such as crown, waist, and pavilion. Broken diamonds do not reach 57 or 58 cutting surfaces of standard circular diamonds.

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