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  1. Decent, have you ever seen friends around you wear a golden fox pendant? Do you want to know why so many people wear it? Before understanding the meaning of the golden fox pendant, we need to analyze the fox pendant first to know what the fox pendant is, and we know why everyone loves to ask.
    Fox, a kind of beast, a homophonic “Shou”, and because of the “blessing” sound of the fox, so it has the meaning of Fu Shou. Maybe everyone’s impression of the fox stays on cunning and treacherous, but the fox is naturally clever and good at protecting themselves. It also has a charming and noble meaning. The meaning is very auspicious. Many people now love one of the mascots they invite. The fox has the “god of love” in China. If people can worship the mascot made by it for the shape, they can harvest perfect love.
    The golden fox pendant is the new pendant style designed by modern people through the raw materials of gold, which uses the fox as the shape, meets the needs of many women. The charming arc created by the fox with golden virginity makes love more precious, implying happiness and happiness, soft eyes, charming and not demon, the fine craftsmanship of the fox tail, making the fox as if telling people that they are willing to tell themselves that they are willing It shows his fox tail for love.
    The is well known that the fox is born with charming, and has an unclear attraction that is unclear. In this case, few people can resist the charm of people wearing fox pendants. The fox pendant made of gold can be more adherence to women’s charm, especially suitable for women to wear.
    . After everyone knows what the morale of the golden fox pendant, they have to discuss where to invite this pendant problem. Today, is there a variety of golden fox pendants on the market, is it all true? Of course, most of them are used by bad merchants to deceive consumers. Only Ji Zhaotang is an authentic fox pendant to ask for institutions. Everyone should be familiar with it. Auspicious mascots like fox pendants need to be spiritualized through the light, and the best thing to open light is not elsewhere, or Ji Zhaotang.
    Finally, you need to tell you that if you have a golden fox pendant, you must treat it well. Nothing.

  2. Gold symbolizes wealth. In ancient times, the fox belonged to the hearty fox of the 28th star stay. It was in charge of love. Before the Tang Dynasty, it was a spiritual beast that was named with the Phoenix Kirin. Jiao. Fox is a symbol of wisdom, elegant and noble, golden fox is rich and excellent, wisdom and noble

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