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  1. The sentiment of Valentine's Day

    1. The safest atmosphere: "Sending flowers and giving flowers is not creative." But don't say that, the most creative method is lasting Essence Rose is the most traditional and effective routine. If you want to make a new, you can send a flower that is in line with her personality. For example, lily fit a gentle and pure girl; violet or tulip is suitable for noble and charming girls; Persian chrysanthemum is suitable for lively and cute girls. The premise of sending personalities is that the girl is avant -garde, otherwise she will think your head is raining when she receives your lily or Persian chrysanthemum. After all, many people still stay on Valentine's Day must send roses. There is another thing that is the most important thing for Valentine's Day album: on Valentine's Day, there will be a flower competition between girls during Valentine's Day, so you must send flowers to the office, at least it should be delivered on the street. The effect achieved in this way was at least 3.51 times stronger than sneaky to her house.

    This Tip: The number and meaning of the flower: 1: You are my only; 3 flowers: I love you; 5: No regrets; 9 flowers: firm love, permanent permanent Possess; 10: Perfect and whole -hearted input; Valentine's Day album: I only belong to you with all my heart; Missing; 33: I love you, Three Lives III; 36: My heart belongs to you; 57: I love my wife; 77 flowers: knowing each other fate; 99 flowers: long -looking, long -lasting; Hundred years of good combination; 101 flowers: the only love; 108: Marry me! ; 365: I want you to be every day; 999 flowers: forever, endless love; 1001 flowers: until forever.

    2. The most feminine atmosphere: No matter how the society develops, women chase men will always cover up, but Valentine's Day is absolutely exception. Use chocolate to confess love to him. Mint chocolate: suitable for cool, avant -garde, alternative him. Jiu Heart Chocolate: Give his preferred gift to challenge and adventure. Dark Chocolate: Suitable for him. Guaro Chocolate: Sweet fruit is like your heart, suitable for hot and passionate boyfriend. White Chocolate: If you are still pursuing, try the depth with white chocolate and leave yourself a retreat. After all, this can be said to be chocolate but can also be said to be milk sugar. Chocolate Milk: The most suitable for office relationship, a cup of hot chocolate milk, secretly expressing the heart.

    3. The warmest atmosphere: The love letter now insists on writing the love letter with paper and pen, which must be deeply in love (except for those who do not use computers, text messages). In this era of "ambiguous love is far away", the Internet is full of love letters and lovers produced by professional writers, and there are many suspicions of flooding. Therefore, don't refer to any "Love Letter", "Seeking Love", etc., maybe she has received such a "copy" of N. Be sure to write down your own love monologue, even if you are naive.

    4. The most ambiguous atmosphere: The couple's dress does not know who came up with this trick, so that the two similar clothes have a silk emotional connection. If you want to confess to her, it is best to give her the day before Valentine's Day. The Valentine's Day album and then sent a text message to her, agreed to eat, and asked her to "attend" in this suit. When she came, I found that we were wearing a couple outfit, and I felt naturally relaxed and close. If you are already in love or getting married, it is better to design a couple dress together. Not only the design process is full of romantic atmosphere, but in Valentine's Day, the feeling of wearing the same style of clothes feels like you have been hit with the imprint that you can never wash.

    5. Most of the courage: On the evening of the candlelight Valentine's Day downstairs, put a heart shape with a candle downstairs, and then lit it. In the swaying of the candlelight, it is best to play the guitar to sing love songs. This night is definitely no ancient. Of course, not everyone has the courage to come to such a big deal, then go to the gift shop to buy a small, beautiful craft candle. Light blue, pink, orange -yellow, square, round, and heart -shaped, everything is available. Well, hide the candles and go to the appointment. At night, the crowd far away from the arrogant people can surround you quietly. You take out color craft candles and ignite. Girls like the beautiful atmosphere of candlelight. She must be shocked and happy, and feels that you are really cool. It is best to make a wish together, whether it can be realized, it is always a good hope. Remember Valentine's Day album, do not forget to bring the lighter, do not implement this dangerous event on the mountain with the "attention to fire prevention" logo.

    If you feel that the above mood is still not enough, try to do something to add the romantic atmosphere of Valentine's Day.

    The Valentine's Day Perfect Romantic Top Ten Top Ten Gaozhao

    1. First, make some Valentine's Day cards and stick dry roses. Lily flowers like flowers like flowers.

    2. Think of a complete and perfect gift. This gift can provide a kind of enjoyment for his five organs. For example: his favorite dishes (taste), his favorite shaving cream (touch), his favorite VCD or book (visual and hearing), his favorite perfume (smell).

    3. After sending gifts and cards, take him to a quiet park, buy many hydrogen balloons, write your name on it, and then release the sky.

    4. When he (her) wakes up in the morning, placed a flower beam that represents the meaning of love at his or her pillow.

    5. In his or her room, "I love you", "forever together", and "May you always be happy and happy".

    6. Rent a taxi and draw a roadmap to the place you worth remembering to remember to visit a love car.

    7. Buy a lot of rose dried flowers, sprinkle you and his room, and then kiss once.

    . He had a candlelight dinner on the top of a mountain or a building, but be careful to cause a love fire.

    9. I do n’t sleep overnight. I embraced each other to watch the stars rose one by one and fall down. See how sunset and sunrise change.

    10. After the day of Valentine's Day, he said to him or her every day "I love you." : Valentine's Day Gifts

    to this day, the complicated and diverse gifts give people more choices in Valentine's Day. In the face of different objects, the gifts given to each other also become different, and the techniques cannot be ignored.

    This to the crush lover or her is the object of your secret love and favorite.

    If you are not sure that the other party's feelings for you, just to express your love to her (he), and do not pursue the results, then a bunch of unsigned flowers can convey your affection Essence Of course, what you want to care about is not to get married for others in the end. If you want to imply the invitation from the other party, then a exquisite and unique lover card can be cleverly tentative to the attitude of the other party, and it is no harm.

    Is to the opposite sex boss when facing the boss who has a good impression, be careful. This is not only the category of emotions, but also related to your own work and the other person's career. Therefore, you must not give a huge or expensive gift, so as not to be lost to you, it is not good for you and him or her. If the relationship between the two parties is very subtle, then you may wish to give some conventional gifts, candy, and chocolate snacks of Valentine's Day. Essence

    The online lover for the emerging online lover will be a special example in your lover's career. Maybe you haven't seen each other, but why you have met each other, and the Internet provides you with a large enough interface. You don't need to spend too much money, as long as you use your imagination and do your best to get everything you can, you can get the recognition of the heart. Moreover, the online services are all: giving flowers, bubbles, gifts, love letters, etc., can make you love enough at a time.

    This lovers who love lovers in love are most loved by love, although they will be blinded by a moment of enthusiasm, and they are glad to accept all the gifts sent by the lover. It is the most suitable gift that can further enhance the relationship between the two people; a stylish style couple can display you as a pair of close lovers on any occasion; Like returning to the childhood of two little guessing, the feelings suddenly became pure. If you want to suggest that the other party can consider marriage, a symbolic ring is also the best gift for Valentine's Day.

    This to the previous lover's time passed, and love moved with things, but maybe you still miss the love you used to be. Anyway, it is not sinful to send your intentions while this day. A book that the two loved to watch or a movie before can evoke the nostalgia for the emotions of the past.

    For some reasons, your love relationship cannot be shared for some reasons for some reasons. Do you feel a little regretful? To make love God unknowingly lingering around, you can send him (her) a bottle of couple perfume. Other people seem to be available everywhere, but you can secretly feel the breath of the two of you. Even if he is not next to him, his taste still makes you difficult to resist.

    The on the eve of the lover's Valentine's Day in the quarrel, you are still arguing, it is really a big scene. But fortunately, on this day, you can make you decent. Think about what the other person's favorite. In addition to his or her favorite, the couple doll bear with a stingy state can make him or her smile. When they are suffering together, they indicate sweet heart -shaped chocolate, candy, and roses. These conventional Valentine's Day gifts cannot be omitted. If you don't want this relationship to end like this, you can't miss such a good day and good opportunity.

    This lover who broke up "Today is Valentine's Day, can you break up today ..." It was a song called "In the morning of Valentine's Day". On Valentine's Day, even if it is a breakup, it is full of romance. Although you can give up a relationship, you cannot refuse a memory. As a result, a pair of heart -shaped mini -lover frames can become the first choice for gift gifts. The two once smiled happily, staying on the photos, and always kept in my heart.

    The lovers in the world to send their wives or husbands in the world finally become dependents. For you who have lived together, Valentine's Day must be romantic but not too wasteful. The small coffee pot or the simple and elegant small tea set is very suitable. In the snowy night in winter, the two of you are sitting on the carpet with their backs and drinking tea. Does it feel good? At the same time, there are also some sexy underwear that can also be delivered in such a day, which not only warm, but also adding the taste of marriage life.

    : What gifts are given to Valentine's Day to Valentine

    Western Valentine's Day is coming soon, sending gifts to my heart, watching her when receiving gifts Surprisingly, the intoxicating heart will be two love heart ...

    Music box: the most tenderness

    The music box is always a gift that girls like, Especially partially quiet girls.

    Chocolate: It is indispensable to contain love in your mouth

    They are both suitable and suitable gifts. It is happy to have chocolate on Valentine's Day.

    The warm scarf: The feeling of warmth is in my heart

    In the day of the cold attack, this is a very intimate gift, according to the daily clothes type of his girlfriend or what she likes The color and clothing texture, choose the most beautiful and most suitable scarf. On Valentine's Day, gently gently gently gently told her that she felt so dull.

    Crystal: Crystal clear, hidden sweet

    to send crystal to lover. It is a good choice. The price of the crystal ranges from tens to hundreds. And there are many types, including crystal apples and double dolls. Crystal, shows the tenderness between the lover.

    qq gifts: commemorating the romantic network love

    now, many strange men and women know each other through the Internet, so that romantic network love has begun. How can you forget the lovely little penguin on a special day? Give her QQ and think of the warmth of the past from the gift. Lover gives each other gifts, and love is not much money. As long as you really use your heart, no matter what gift you give to your girlfriend, she will receive the affection you convey.

    Jewelry jewelry: Gently hiding my love

    If your financial ability permit, then you can consider sending jewelry to jewelry. Choosing a hand -crafted, designed platinum or pearl jewelry, can make her feel your feelings. It also shows that your love for her "love is better than Jin Jian".

    : Small experience: Qiao Choose Valentine's Day Gifts

    Today, the most romantic day of the year is here. "Sweet chocolate, love honey flowers", what sweet gift is selected for your lover? Don't panic, look at what love experts say: Flowers: The most traditional and the most classic Valentine's Day gift. You can look at the flowers, let it express your love on behalf of you.

    Chocolate: The sweetest gift in Valentine's Day, whether you think you should lose weight, you will not refuse anyway.

    Lover card: In the early 19th century, people began to use this method to pass love. If you are a implicit and uncomfortable person, this card will be your best choice.

    Perfume: Perfume is the beginning of romantic. When he approaches you slowly, does that charming atmosphere make you heart? Don't hesitate, choose a couple perfume you like.

    The jewelry: The accessories that can be carried with you are the best. Every day, it is like your love with him. Like ring, necklace, earrings, cufflinks, tie clips, etc.

    The clothing: The "warm card" sweater and scarf we woven by hand, just give it to him today, or choose a tie for him.

    is not to set up or to tie him, but to know how delicate and considerate your love for him.

    The big collection of lover's savings
    men's appointment

    1. Single knife straight (bold men), when the woman who is suitable for those who wants to make love for love, If you don't promise, I will not let you go. A resolute attitude is that most women cannot resist, and there are very few women who refuse in person.

    2. Step by step (suitable for men) first open the sea of ​​the sea to the west of the sky. Dongfeng said, "Where can I go to you to play with Valentine's Day?"

    3. Borrowing on the question (not good at talking men) If you are not good at talking, you can borrow books and borrow books and borrow books. The stationery that the stationery can borrow from all men can be borrowed from the or not, from the material interoperability, and the development of emotional approximation until each other tacitly. A few days before Valentine's Day, you can ask her to make a meeting in the form of a note: if you see it, you will not disperse when you see it.

    4. Gifts first and then appointment (applicable to men at hand) first send a big gift before opening. As long as she accepts, she does not worry about it. Gifts are not necessarily expensive, but you must reflect your sincerity and spending thoughts, so that she is embarrassed and not agreed.

    5. Heavy color light friends (applicable to many men in friends) Meet the Valentine's Day male and female gangs. Time.

    Callow men

    1. An excuse (applied by avant -garde lady) to dig out for excuses, such as I hope he took a picture of himself on Valentine's Day, or where it is interesting to be interesting Willing to experience experience with him. When opening, he was frank and generous.

    2. Pretending to be silly (applied for the aggressive lady) to ask him to go shopping or do something like a better friend, where to discuss how many o'clock weeks, etc. Suddenly enlightened: "It turns out that today is Valentine's Day?"

    3. I hinting that the appointment (conservative lady applicable) first ask what arrangements for his Valentine's Day. , Then wait for his reaction. Generally, men can understand your hints here.

    4. Heavy color light friends (applicable to many women) See Article 5 of "Men and Women".

    The Valentine's Day Gift to Boyfriend's Gift
    Single-choice questions ---- Rose Chocolate:

    Valentine's Day to send red roses the most, expressing specialty A warm emotion. How many branches are appropriate to send roses to lovers? Of course, the more, the better, the meaning of one thing is a single at all, and Sanzhi represents "I love you", and Jiuzhi means "long -lasting". What about eleven branches? "Lifetime", "plus I happened to be a dozen" Valentine's Day, such as: lily, tulip, lover's grass, forget me, red palm and so on. Can express deep love!

    In addition to different flowers, there are different meanings, and chocolate is the same as "long -term". What kind of chocolate you receive can reflect your value in the minds of the lover, which is a subconscious reflection manifestation; on the contrary, what kind of chocolate you give to your lover, you can know how important your lover is to you, and your hope you want you What improved lovers.

    Themint chocolate means you to lover: you feel that lovers understand life interest,

    wine heart chocolate represents you to lovers: lover is a master of love,

    D black bitter chocolate means you to the lover: you subjectively feel that lovers can work hard,

    milk chocolate represents you to the lover: feel the lover is innocent, very well -behaved
    fruit kernels Chocolate means that you have no passion to get along with your lover, but there is a feeling of long water long water.

    The white chocolate represents you to the lover: you think the lover has no opinion, it is the disadvantage and the advantage, r, r, r,

    Multi -choice questions:

    tie: the most classic gift for the boy, carefully select a tie for your beloved person, when you date, see him tie you to send you to send you There is no need to say any good mood when the tie comes over.

    belt: the meaning of the belt is restraint, with your tenderness, a high -quality belt, entrusting your infinite infatuation, so that he adds a responsibility when he feels the sweetness of love Essence

    In lighter: It is also a very good idea to choose a beautiful Zippo lighter for her boyfriend.

    Roses: If I am a person who follows the rules, I will definitely send her roses. She doesn't like flowers on weekdays, and of course she doesn't like roses. But last year's Valentine's Day I clearly saw something called envy from her eyes. But I don't think I will send her a handful of roses. If you want to send one, you will send one branch, or just a car or a boat. You know what I mean.

    Candy: If I are a warm and sweet person, I will give candy. My girlfriend likes to eat sugar, which is why I think of candy. I am really grateful to those creative candy vendors, because not only the candy is delicious, but also the packaging is exquisite. Thinking of the college, in order to pursue a girl, a boy once put the candy and various strange rubber in the glass jar of the lucky star in advance. I don't know why the rubber was sent, and I didn't know why the girl was not moved.

    Love poems: If I were a person who had no money to buy flowers and was too lazy to count, I would ... you know what would happen. "Poetry" is a very mysterious thing. Don't think that I was wrong, missing it is very mysterious. "Heaven and earth, but dare to be with Jun Jue" seems too sad. I prefer "I would like to be a lamb and follow you, I hope you hold a thin leather whip every day, and hit me gently in me "On the body". Of course, if I can create a better one, I don't need this.

    Dinner: If I am a rich man, I will have dinner with her on Valentine's Day. Of course, it is candlelight dinner. Do you still need to say? Black dresses, snow -white meals, and silver tableware reflect the bright roses. The romantic violin stumped out of the itchy notes, and took out the necklace with her name when she was not shaken during the meal. The name has been engraved. In case you break up, you want to come back. Of course, if you have money, you do n’t care, so I do n’t think about it. This gift is the least.

    The ring: If I am a person with a good intention, I will send her ring. The golden is too tacky, and the diamond is too expensive. Let's get a platinum. A small circle, put her up first. Don't get me wrong, the ring is not a trap, even if it is, why is this loop of love not good? If the platinum is not good, then the ivory is given, it looks tasteful.

    Perfume: If I am a pretty fashionable person, I will send her perfume. Because I heard that the smell can be kept the longest in people's memory. Unfortunately, my knowledge about perfume is limited, and I can surprise her when I figure it out. From then on, I can be intoxicated in this familiar taste.

    Card: If I am a small bloody youth, I will give her a card to her. I like this, like a young girl who first sews her dowry one by one. This card without any economic value will have a person I love to appreciate, which is enough.

    Toy: If I am a person who knows girls, I will send her toy. It is best to be the kind of fluffy, Ted Bear and Garfield. Every time she sees these, she will exaggerate the screams of these cute things. I never mind because I love her. Although this is a bit like a birthday gift, as long as it is not to pursue her?

    Records: If I am a romantic and careful person, I will send her record. Together in the music that the two people like, it should be a wonderful thing. I hope she will not kiss me because of being too moved, because you know that my fixed force is not very good.

    Ad additional questions:

    :: If I am a person who looks like nonsense, I will package myself to her. She once said that I was the best gift I gave her by heaven. Do you know how moved I was at the time? Therefore, I can no longer be sloppy, design herself according to her favorite image, but also wipe a little her favorite perfume. Everything is ready. Before knocking on her door, use a prepared ribbon to hit a bow on your head, because you must not forget, now I am a gift for Valentine's Day.

    The Valentine's Day Raiders Twelve Types
    1. This secret is only suitable for February 14, other times invalid; It is fiction, which is a coincidence if there is a similar.
    8:00 to 8:30 call your lover.
    Reference language: Happy Valentine's Day! Today, because of you, you make me passionate ...
    The cheats 1: Don't ask about meeting at night at this time.
    : 9:00 to 10:00 Taking advantage of the boss's not noticing (maybe the boss is doing the same thing), call or order chocolate and roses from the Internet; BB machines and BBS) make a three -dimensional bombing of sweet words. The central idea is that you care about each other very much.
    Cheats 2: It is best to buy flowers before 10:00, too late to buy. If you want to save money, buy it on the 13th and spend the night at home. The value of the 14th has been more than 10 times, and a branch of 15 to 20 yuan is too expensive!
    Cheats 3: Valentine's Day 3 treasures -roses, chocolate, plus mouth gum, is a necessary weapon.
    10:00 to 12:00 work hard. This is for the supervisor and the boss, mainly for the convenience of asking for leave in the afternoon.
    12:00 to 13:00 taking advantage of the lunch, consider your clothes, hairstyles, and time and place at night.
    16:00 to 16:30, the time to repair the merit, it is best to go to the beauty salon to make a hairstyle.
    16:45 to 17:20 The excellent time to send flowers. After the flowers are delivered, the flowers will be called immediately, and the time and place of dinner will be finalized.
    Cheats 4: Many companies are from get off work at 17:00 or 17:30, too early or too late.
    Cheats 5: Be sure to wait for her office building, which looks sincere.
    Cheats 6: It is best to find someone to send it, and you will lose your mystery yourself. If you are not handsome, MM will feel faceless in front of colleagues.
    Cheats 7: When you call, it is best to give MM a dilemma: "Do you say go to eat western food at night or to eat candlelight dinner? I am waiting for you downstairs in your company."
    19: 00 to 21:00 dinner. At this time, you can express some love, but do not sublimate feelings.
    The cheats 8: The place of dinner must be created, such as the background music of the piano, and the candlelight. Remember: dinner is not the purpose, it is a means.
    22:00 to 24:00 Find a place where you stay together and have a lover atmosphere. Bar is a good choice. This is the highlight, the relationship can be sublimated, and some physical contact can be.
    Cheats 9: Holding hands, holding your waist, hugging, and kissing are inevitable, but do n’t want to crooked it, that's all.
    The best solution is: in the bar, holding the hand of Iraqi people, looking at each other affectionately, kissing across the table. This action can be repeated many times.
    Cheats 10: When MM is not moved by you, you can eat the roses on the table with wine. This is a killer, I recommend blood from vomiting blood! On Valentine's Day in a certain year, when I swallowed the fifth rose, her lips appeared in front of me across the table ... This cheats still have 2 essences, remember:
    cheats 11: If the lover is The best dating time is the day before Valentine's Day (February 13), so no one doubts.
    The cheats 12: Three things on Valentine's Day: The boss is not enough for the boss with the secretary and the lover to find a lover to go home. Pay attention to prevention of this big scenery.

  2. Of course, Valentine's Day must be spent together. But you can make some episodes before, and give you a little surprise. As for what surprise, you have to prepare carefully. You can also refer to the practice in idol dramas. Because everyone likes a small surprise, especially the little couples in love, if a little more episode, it may make him or her love you more, and feel that you are distressed (her), for him (for him (for him (for him (for him (for him (for him (for him She) Ken Hua thought. If your relationship has reached a certain time, then a small surprise is like a first love. Let love continue to heat up.
    The reference answers below.
    1. You can carefully prepare a gift that you like you. The gift is not expensive, or he likes. Then send it out when you leave. At the beginning of this start, they will feel that you are not preparing a gift, but embarrassed to say. After receiving a gift after the long loss, it will be much better than receiving it from the beginning.
    2. Take him or her to do something he or she wants to do, but has never done anything.
    Finally, as long as you have your heart, then your Valentine's Day will definitely be happier.
    Come on, you have a heart, I hope you have been happy! ^^

  3. Hehe, as a girl, I think the most surprised. Just don't talk about it in advance, here is a surprise or something.
    , for example, I suddenly called and said that I was somewhere, the top of the mountain, or the place where there were few people, and the province called me to love you.
    or do you carefully do one or something or something, pass it on QQ, and affectionately say that I love you and the like.
    or, if you have money, sprinkle a little panic, let your friend say that you are in trouble, let her worry, and then run over to find her, and suddenly hug her. Haha, I promise her crying and hitting you.
    Anyway, girls are actually romantic people who do not like the rules. You make her unexpectedly as unexpected as possible. They like the feeling of roller coaster.
    The is called romance, learn some, buddy.
    Oh, I wish you good luck.

  4. This is a activity plan formulated by some Chinese enthusiasts based on the traditional holiday of the Tanabata. See what interests are interested in doing it. Hey
    · July 1st: Boiling Qiao Ya, doing ingenuity.
    The seeds of beans and wheat are placed on a humid shallow water disk, placed in a ventilated and warm place, and prepared for seven days to make Qiaoya Decoction; there are many ways to begging Qiaoqiao in Qixi Festival. You may wish to be creative with your heart in the past few days.
    · Tanabata daytime: Squading fruit.
    The method of ingenuity is: first put the sugar in the pot and melt it into a syrup, and then add the flour and sesame seeds, mix well, and spread it on the case. It is a shutter -shaped fruit embryo, and fry it into golden.
    · Tanabata noon: "Try the needle"
    This water in the sun, prepare a needle with oil, throw the needle on the surface of the water. The needle will float on the oil film surface. There will be a variety of needles on the bottom of the water. Watching stitches can judge whether it is clever (without actual prediction significance, just make a smile). According to ancient times, simple shapes such as "thick hammer, thin as silk, straight like axis wax" indicate that the handmade is clumsy, and there are complex forms such as "moving like clouds, scattered like flowers". Congratulations, you are a clever manner. Careful MM.
    This noon is too hot, and can be placed in the sunny but not burning in the morning or 3 pm.
    · Tanabata Lan Night: Worship of the moon, begging, entertainment, sister alliance, Valentine's Day ...
    1. Worship the moon:
    Qixi Lan night, bathe before the moon. Maybe it is not easy now. After all, the bark extract is regarded as an anti -examples of environmental protection. Therefore, it is enough to take a few leaves and picked them into the bath soup. After bathing, put on a light summer dress, recommend traditional national clothing Hanfu, light gauze skirt shirts are more in line with the atmosphere of sacrifice moon. The best sisters gathered outdoors, set up small cases, simple current seasonal fruits, Qixi Qiao Guo, etc., burned incense, fluttered lightly, and silently talked to the moon.
    Gacking Qiaohui
    The most traditional beggar activity is to wear clever needles. In ancient times, the clever needle was generally porous needle, and now it needs to be commercial development. Seven needles can be merged together now, even if you pass through.
    Huan spider test — each person puts a little spider they prepared (not easy for grabbing at night, it is recommended to prepare in advance) in the box, cover it on the same way, and read: "The Tanabata Occupation Women will give a new girl a new woman given a new girl. Makeup, pick up the hidden box. The Ming Dynasty formed a Linglong net; I tried better than A Qiao Niang. " If you are round and dense, it is a trick. Note: Remember to release the poor little spider in time.
    This Qixi Entertainment
    -Dyeing nails: For girls, you can dye your nails in a natural way. Dan Kou dyed from Fengxianhua is not only environmentally friendly, but also more interesting than the nail oil of organic compounds. The method is very simple: prepare some alum, grind it into powder carefully, and be together with the pneumatic phoenix petals with mud, apply it on the nails, and wrap it with cloth strips. Several times, the fingers were breathable.
    -Make clay sculpture: As a inheritance of the customs of the ancestors, doing grinding and drinking puppets is naturally a classic Tanabata festival handicraft. The festival's leisure does not always have to be entrusted by business purchases. It is a very interesting entertainment activity in itself. Milling and drinking is a kind of Buddhist law -protecting God. Checking its appearance and shaping its shape. By the way, I also learned Buddhist knowledge. Why not? Naturally, the clay sculpture dolls are all Tanabata toys. There is no edge in the shape space. Do it by yourself, do it with your lover, make a child with a hand -to -hand, the mud gets the face, and the happiness stays in his heart. Merchants can also develop, allowing more and richer Qixi Festival doll toys to return to our market and back to our hearts.
    Sisters alliance
    The custom of seven sisters in ancient times, the custom of seven sisters in Jinlan. It is said that the sisters who alliance alliances on the night will have a long -term friendship.
    Valentine's Day
    He, see this good person tonight? The lantern sea of ​​the Yuan Dynasty, the starry night of Qixi Festival, are all feelings and memories that girls are difficult to release. Liu Yong's Ci, Tanabata Jing. May the heavens and the world be entertaining, tonight ... Tanabata is a festival of lovers in the world. GGMM, how should I still use the holidays? ^-^
    Hmm, but I still recommend it:
    -tree liquid shampoo, flowers and plants dyeing armor
    If GG is mm is shampoo and dye, it is naturally more romantic to be more romantic. Warm^-^
    -Shengyou game
    As mentioned above: Began to prepare a small wooden board on the first day of July, sprinkle thin soil on it, gently spray the water to make it wet, evenly sprinkle with strong growth. Grass species. Wait until the Qixi Grass Grasson, GG and MM will make the hut together, Tian She's people ... Don't think this game is naive. On this night, you are preparing to be a paradise in your heart ...
    -look at the starry sky, Tianhe Tianhe, Tianhe, Tianhe, Tianhe Personal
    In midnight hiding under the melon shed Listening to the glory and weaving women's whispering night talk must be very artistic. The two looked up at the starry sky of the deep Liaoning and Guangxi, letting Star Chenhe witnessed love.
    · Tanabata-Qiqiao City Outlook
    The yuan in the yuan, there is a cake market in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Qiao Qiao City in Qixi. How can we not be resurrected tonight in ancient folklore? The needs of the Qixi Festival, the return of folklore can naturally drive the market abundance. We look forward to a fluttering, grand and prosperous beggar city, which is the beautiful scenery of the Chinese lover's festival.

  5. It's going to the Qixi Valentine's Day soon, this is Valentine's Day ~ You must send creative gifts

    It you can see the colorful lucky star pillow n very beautiful n R n can also shine
    I I gave it to my girlfriend. She likes it very much.
    ... ....

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