6 thoughts on “How should platinum necklace be collected when not wearing? Intersection”

  1. Just put it directly in the jewelry box you buy

    PT990 without wearing, it will not be black when it is collected. The gold PD will be black.

    is not very cost -effective to exchange gold in platinum, haha, platinum is now about 570 grams, and only 300 per gram of recycling.

  2. *Save the platinum jewelry alone in the jewelry box.

    *When doing handmade work, remove the platinum jewelry on your hand.

    *When wearing platinum jewelry, do not touch the bleaching bleaching Eastern or other irritating chemicals. Although they do not damage platinum, chemicals may fade exquisite gems.

    *regular cleaning platinum jewelry, like cleaning other valuable jewelry- -Peily use a special jewelry cleaner or immerse them in a mild soapy water, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth.

    *Platinum jewelry is sent to professional cleaning every time. Gem's platinum jewelry, make sure to make professional cleaning once a month.

    *When you need to make some adjustment: for example, adjust the ring size. Polish or fracture needs to be repaired, you need to go to go to There are jewelry shops with professional platinum craftsmen. Platinum jewelry with careful protection will definitely radiate long.

  3. Wash it when not worn, wipe it with toilet paper (prevent water stains), just put it in the jewelry box. Platinum antioxidant is okay, so don't worry too much. It is better if you can be sealed and stored.

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