wholesale silver jewelry supplier thailand Are there any comrades who have been in the fund building of Xiamen University?

wholesale silver jewelry supplier thailand

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  1. jewelry wholesalers nyc Nobel Peace Prize winner, former South Korean President Kim Daezhong called him "close comrades -in -arms"

    The critical period of Jin Dacheng in 1998 and 2002 Roo Moo -hyun's campaign president, both of them chose to visit Kim Minji Essence Because, getting Kim Minji's moral support, it has won almost half of the support of half of the Korean intellectual industry

    Kim Minji, a famous Korean musician, and the spiritual leader of the intellectual group

    ■ This magazine reporter Wan Jingbo comes from South Korea

    "Hello!" In his theater office, Jin Minji, who was smiling and simply like a middle school Chinese teacher, came up gently, handed over one, and handed it over a one. Zhang business cards, wise.

    This office was already very narrow, and a folded bed was also supported, and the bedding was spread out at will.

    If according to talent and creativity, Jin Min should basically live a senior intellectual life with "talk and laugh, no white ding", and clothing and food.

    The outstanding artist has been embarrassed, turbulent turbulent life since his youth. I have been arrested many times, beaten, and the works have not been published. The published albums have also been banned from circulating, and it was not allowed to be sold until 1987.

    The himself as a writer, musician, and drama director. He is also served as the head of the Seoul Temple Drama Troupe and the general manager of Xue Hall. More than 10,000 yuan -editor's note), he laughed that he was "the poorest artist in Korea".

    The founder of the modernization of Korean music

    Kim Minji is definitely a genius of precocity. When he was 19 years old, as a first -year student at the Department of Fine Arts of Seoul University, he had already written famous songs in the history of modern Korean music- "Dew Pearls in the morning" (also known as "Delosa"). The three -minute song is still a well -known masterpiece of the Korean people.

    In the process of Korean wind movement in the 1970s and 1980s, "Dulu" plays an important role in condensing people's hearts and evoking power. When hundreds of millions of Korean people walked to the streets, they sang in their mouths, which must be this simple but touching song.

    In the early 1970s, Jin Minji, who was still a student, participated in many progressive cultural and artistic activities in Seoul. He participated in and advocated the small theater activities, which was strongly refracted in the form of traditional mask drama performances. Social reality issues have become the decisive starting point of the "Act drama movement" with a positive social significance in the 1970s.

    In the 1970s and 1980s, he created "The Light of the Factory" to combine the opera form of the traditional shaman jumping ceremony, reflecting the real life reality of the Korean workers, and once again caused a huge response in the whole society. Essence

    This in the Korean music industry today believes that the biggest contribution of Kim Minji is that he is one of the most important founders to guide Korean music to complete the modernization transformation.

    After 40 years of age, he created one of the best musical dramas in South Korea- "Metro Line 1". Since its premiere in May 1994, in the 11 years, the play has performed more than 2,600 games, and the audience has reached 300,000 to 400,000.

    This of this musical, based on the experience of a Korean girl from Yanbian, China, to Seoul to find the fiance, vividly and truly present the living conditions of Korean society, especially the middle and lower levels. The whole drama is two and a half hours, and there are more than 80 characters. The lines are accurate and refined, the performance is colorful, and the characters are vivid and vivid. It is a masterpiece of critical realism full of laughter, compassion and humanity.

    The theoretical person claims that he "has the stage version of the" Earth Comedy "stage version of Balzac". Under the introduction of writer Yu Hua and others, the play was introduced to Beijing and Shanghai in October 2001, and attracted the attention of the Chinese cultural community.

    The school theater troupe established based on this drama has become one of the most important actor training groups in South Korea.

    The bottom layer of "study abroad"

    Jin Minji, born in 1951, liked to draw paintings in his early years, and was admitted to the Department of Fine Arts of Seoul University in 1969. The road of his painter ended accidentally: During the sketch of the countryside, he accidentally poked the canvas with the brush, which made him start reflecting on his "intellectual" thought and behavior: "You can touch it with your hand and touch it with your hand. Those trunk, why do I paint these paintings? "After the whole Wu Wu, he put down the brush in his hand and gave the guitar he who had always been the most cherished to others.

    Due to the relationship between "Delu", he was originally determined to become an artist. He "accidentally" discovered that his work was widely sung. Essence He was called to join the army and was also sent to the most difficult defense front line.

    The entire youth after retirement, he lived at the bottom of the society, almost nowhere to stand, as a worker, dug coal in the mines, stayed in the countryside for eight years, like an ordinary farmer The same spring plowing summer species, autumn harvest and winter collection. His life has been turbulent. Even during the seclusion, the landlord will regularly report his activities to the authorities.

    The bottom -up submersible for many years has become the most honest nutrient that has a complicated social reality and grasping the suffering of the people.

    This has completed a huge change in life attitude. Many years later, when he was able to leave the country and return to the city, he came to visit his friends to comfort and say: "I have eaten so much hard these years, and I have worked hard!" But he puzzled . "

    The opera work" The Light of the Factory ", which reflects the real life of the workers' life, benefited from this. The dialogue comes from his many years of observation and accumulation.

    The most keen modest gentleman

    On the night of April 26th, under the personal arrangement of Mr. Jin Minji, the reporter of this magazine first watched the "Metro Line 1", his theater Located on the road of university -a small theater that brings together sixty or seventy small theaters, full of literary and artistic youths full of bars and restaurants, and at night, young people are everywhere. It is said that every weekend, various spontaneous street cultural performances will be staged here.

    Is when he saw him at first glance, how could there be the chic mind of the famous Wei and Jin celebrities! It is said that the president Roh Moo -hyun and his wife wanted to watch his "Metro Line 1". The president and his wife appeared, but he was not there (he had a regular life, and he had to leave Seoul three days a week to write to a writer village- - Editor's Note), I only ask the staff to stay and say: Welcome to visit, but I am not in Seoul, I ca n’t be accompanied, please do it!

    This is a humble gentleman. He will pour tea for you by himself. Forced to work hard to translate; maybe there is a layer of meaning: sorry, let you visit me from a distant place.

    In Professor Bai Yuanwan, a Chinese literary translator and scholar, Jin Minji's humble and peaceful, and the youth had been firmly fixed in his youth. More than 20 years ago, they were still young people who were full of vigor. As long as they drank too much during the party, everyone would sing "Chaolu" together. Only Mr. Jin said silently and shyly: "Don't! Please don't sing."
    The first half of the interview for nearly 3 hours, he seriously and responsiblely introduced to a foreign reporter who visited Korean music, the source of the drama, the status quo, hidden danger, and his concerns. Essence Only when he couldn't help but want to drink beer, and drinking a bottle one by one, his brows opened, smiling, shaking his body slightly, and no longer answering the reporter's question on the front at a glance, but playing Metaphors, anti -lips, doubts, and meditation slang are full of wisdom of life.

    I. As one of the most observed observer of the Korean social situation in more than 30 years, the direct witness of the history of social movement, and one of the important leaders of the modernization of Korean music, Kim Minji is full of today and the future of South Korea. Worried.

    This always has such an important intellectual in South Korea, always standing at the forefront of the times, guiding the society, encouraging the trend, and fighting for power. pride.

    The funny "intellectual qi"

    Character Weekly: I generally understand your creative concept, but some writers insist on the position of elite intellectuals, such as the British University Writer Maum, such as American film director Woody Allen, what do you think of them?

    Kim Minji: (smiling slightly, shaking his head) Nothing interesting. Woody Allen's work, looking down at the bottom people, that is their opinion. When I returned to Seoul that year, my friends comforted me and said, "I have worked hard." I didn't feel that, but I felt like studying abroad.

    Plord Weekly: Have you ever shaken when your life is the most difficult? The concept for you.

    Kim Minji: After going to the countryside, I really want to forget all the music and art works I made before. I am ashamed. How can I do that kind of thing? I feel guilty. shake? Do not. The intellectual gas of the price of silver prices today, but it feels funny.

    Plord Weekly: decades have passed. Have you ever changed your thoughts on the world?

    Kim Minji: (laughs) The blood type has not changed, the thought has not changed, but the job to do is more than before. In the past, I just did it alone, and now I have to bring a large group of people in the troupe. / /

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