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  1. wholesale brazilian jewelry 1. The infatuated female dare to love and hate, and work with the white blood disease boyfriend without leaving

    This. This story stems from the mood story of a female player in NGA: My Warcraft life with leukemia boyfriend.
    The protagonist is two palaces who believe in holy light. At the beginning of acquaintance, the heroine was a little white that did not understand anything. In a small copy, he unexpectedly met the actor who was conscious. The clumsy heroine was killed in many times when she picked the body. In order to prevent her from being killed again, the careful actor stepped off everything in advance. A little moved won the favor of the heroine. Through this time, this time The two people often met the copy and moved to the copies of the major heroes. The actor became her royal MT. In her long -term contact, she had a preliminary understanding of him, but only limited to the game. He is an old player with a lot of career. All IDs have a characteristic, all of them are eaten.
    In long -lasting love, the heroine finally confessed to the actor and unexpectedly rejected. Under the unwillingness of the heroine's unwillingness,
    " Impossible, be deceiving? In order to reject me, don't you have to find such a reason? "
    " Do you know why I do n’t go to work every day, and suddenly go out again. When traveling on a business trip, I can send you and talk to you all day? In fact, it is de -chemotherapy. I know why I go to bed on time before 11:30 in the evening, and take a nap on time at noon. I want to get up in the morning, in fact, I want to recuperate my body; every time you want to let me play with you for a while, although I think, because I have rejected it cruelly because of my body What she said and the law of life in reality, she has determined that what he said is true. For a moment, she was silent. After a while, she was still perseverance to launch a fierce emotional offensive against him, and finally the two had determined the relationship. In their eyes, love is surpassing, transcending time, age, kingdom, and any ... nothing can stop.
    In the next day, the two people's shy videos, the next copy together, participate in the event together, and watch a movie together at the same time.
    The approaching 2 people's meeting, the heroine's ex -boyfriend returned to China to meet her. She decisively rejected the ex -boyfriend with very superior conditions. Under the ridicule of the ex -boyfriend, she dumped it: "If it says, You used to occupy my heart of 50 %, and I betrayed your relatives. Then he occupied my 100 % heart, and I can give up my life for him. You are not as good as him. Live with you for 10 years, Happy 10 days, it is better to live with him for 10 days, happy for 10 days. "Later, the train on the north ......
    . They broke through the virtual and finally walked together to start a happy life. In reality, the heroine took care of him meticulously and took his diet. During the chemotherapy period, he cleaned up a small red bucket full of vomiting without complaints, carefully preparing a variety of different foods for his boyfriend. In the game, the two carefully created their guild. He always guards her, takes care of her, and helps her .......

    Not separated! Blessing this lovers will eventually become dependents, and wish the actor to recover soon!

    . There is one thing that is more precious than the wind sword

    him, a Paladin.
    , a priest.
    Take care of her, level up with her, go to the copy, go to the battlefield. In his heart, she is the same as a happy little angel.
    . He got the tolerance of the man who was imprisoned by the wind, and she told him: When you collect all the heads and two skulls, I will give you a gift?
    what gifts? She laughed without answering.
    A day after a few months, she told her telling His father is gone, a car accident. In order not to hurt her mother's heart, she will never play games to delay her studies.
    did she tell him that she still remembered the gift she promised to give him? n Today he finally knew the answer.
    Perhaps you don't know what a hundred Austrian ore means to a player, and you may not know that the one hundred Austrian ore is turned into one hundred Austrian ingots means meaning. What do you do, even what these girls mean for a girl, a priest player.
    The sword of the thunderous anger of thunderous anger by this hundred pieces of Austrian Austrian blessings is not orange, it is red, condensing the hard work of a girl.
    I can only tell you that the significance of this gift is very heavy, and it is difficult for anyone to bear it.

    3. The union sister -in -law suffers from evil disease "Warcraft" netizens to offer true feelings
    He is the fourth president since the guild's public beta;
    He is 30 this year;
    . He has a sister -in -law 5.1 this year;
    . She is a Paladin;
    It this year 26;
    R n. Her experience let us know what fate is;
    I she was found to have severe lupus erythematosus one week after her wedding;
    This is very strong in Sichuan Medical and Demons. One month;
    . He is also very strong;
    . After he gave her three illnesses, he still lied to us, "Nothing, she will be fine;
    let us know What is a real man;
    It he has lost his family in order to save her;
    When he is carrying hundreds of thousands of debt, he still lies us, "Nothing, she will be fine, and she can't spend a few dollars. Well;
    she is still unconscious on the bed;
    This with tears in strong;
    . He said, he finally got married at the age of 30, but she was ill;
    , he sent one to the vice president today;
    said, please help me, my disadvantages;
    . He said, today he said she couldn't pay it. .....
    After learning about his story, the President quietly told the incident to the brothers in the meeting;

    200, 300, and 500 strokes are putting money in his card;
    The president decided to put the money in the warehouse of the guild and hit the money to his card;
    The squeezed by the guild warehouse, the brothers of the guild, everyone made the money made by the business group for several months in the warehouse of the guild;
    To the bank to his card, the money;
    He and them are no strangers who have never met. No one knows who is who is;
    . He and them are in a "World of Warcraft World. Brothers of the same guild;
    . He will never know why his mage is so high;
    He must know that he has a group of good brothers in World of Warcraft.
    Is after this post was released, everyone conveyed their care and help in the fastest way. The loneliness of exchanging the soul is not as real as real in real life. Everyone seems to wear a brave and handsome mask, and the heart is indeed a despicable and selfish face. Then the great encounter in the faith let us get out of the wall with only digital cable links, donations, donations, G, and blessings, guilds, servers, and Pingshui meeting people are building another myth. This kind of goodwill is goodwill. The kind love is conveying through different places, which is the myth of love.
    "Can't play a lifetime game, but can you be a friend of a lifetime" Is it true? I think everyone knows the answer now, and every one in the world is conveying our love. "

    4. How many of the Wenchuan earthquake died wower

    The wreckage of the month. It is an undead warrior. MT. But he disagreed. Once he finally put on the shield to start resisting Harca. When he hit 8%blood, he suddenly changed into a big knife. He shouted in the UT. Kill! Then he died instantly. The wreckage of N months is the first friend in my wow. It is the last one.
    Remember to be thrown by my girlfriend once. I gave me at 3 o'clock in the middle of the night. I am a little funny in the authentic Sichuan accent.
    "You. It's not a way out. What about the momentum of killing the alliance? "
    The wreckage got the AL Brothers' Sword. He was excited to quarrel in UT. He also said that he would not be as legendary. After taking Al, he was in the no brother. He has worked even more from then on. And sometimes he needs to get a shield.
    The days on the eve of the storm. Everyone started to brush the honor. I am with the wreckage. I am a hunter. He is a weapon warrior. I only see a whole body. The red hunter and a soldier who opened the reckless soldiers took off the blacksmiths stationed in 5 alliances.
    opened 70. The two of us have been upgrading. But they have a lot slower than others. Because we will kill when we see the alliance. Although the other party is three times more than us
    The wreckage KLZ graduated that day. Holding the king guard said to me
    There are. Hohohoho. "
    Mato knows that KLZ is done in an hour.

    5. 12 The afternoon of the day. I have not remembered the week.

    The wreckage is responsible for 2T.

    "The wreckage! Pull a small fire in a while! Don't let him burn everyone!"

    and then hit the egg to 90%of the blood. Suddenly half of the person in the team. Then the group was destroyed

    The everyone was "what breaks FWQ. Falling a critical moment. Wait for them. "
    waited for about half an hour. I also dropped. Then I didn't go up.

    It the next day. The newspaper reported.
    The days in the next few days. There are more and more reports. The number of deaths has risen. All countries are also like Wenchuan's rescue troops. I also took out all the money in my pants pocket at that time. 146 yuan. Money. Donate to the compatriots of Wenchuan. All of them have become gray afterwards. All the games are not allowed to log in for three days. These days, I watch a touching picture. I have wet eyes many times. Wow. Everyone is very painful. Some comrades in other places have unfortunately lost their parents far away from Wenchuan. We can only sigh. But I can't help them. I can open the list of friends. The wreckage of the moon. Offline. The line is gone, about two months. I have hit the wreckage several times in the middle. I have hit it once. It is impossible to connect. Then I scolded in depression. This kid was two months. No harassment.

    In noon, I rode a wolf to kill people in the battlefield at noon. The wreckage of the moon was launched.

    I hurriedly tight him "I rely on you. Disappearing. I miss, my brother. Essence I am the brother of the month. This is my brother. Knowing that he likes playing World of Warcraft very much. I also built a small in this area. But it is too complicated. Can't understand. "

    " Ah haha. hello. What about the dead pig of the wreckage? "The president asked

    " He has died. "

    The silence in the guild for a few seconds

    " Haha. Brother. You pretend less. You are the wreckage. The eight leagues in that boy couldn't die. Hurry up and admit to Grandpa. "I trembled my hand

    " I'm sorry for the brothers. " This is real. He and his mother were killed in the earthquake. Essence Essence sorry. Essence Essence "

    The monthly wreckage is offline.

    I I picked up crazy. Then dial the wreckage.

    " Sorry. " Your code is empty. "

    Then I dialed his house again.

    " I'm sorry. " Your code is empty. Please check "

    " Wipe! "

    I log in to the wreckage gray. Enter his space

    There is no log. There is no picture. I entered the message

    There are a few messages in it

    "Well. "

    " All the way. "

    " Brother. Take care of your mother there "


    This nose starts to produce. Tears also fall unconsciously

    and then I log in to wow.

    The said in the guild

    "The wreckage has died. "

    Then I open the friend directory. Looking at the name of the wreckage. Reading
    has passed for a whole year.
    The 300 gold is a bit not particular about running. As soon as you go. I am always the first in the battlefield. I can drive in the crowd like you can drive in the crowd without a soldier.
    Log in to my hunter
    found that it is wrong. Then open the friend catalog.
    The wreckage of the month. Offline.
    I still waited for a while. Wait for him to go online
    Some people ask. How much is the Wenchuan earthquake dying?
    The answer is: One without death, they just dropped!

    5. The real World of Warcraft players-Fantasy r r r r r

    This is a real story of a ghost F in the 8th district. I am a BL hunter in this ghost F. This story I tell may be very scornful, but I still can't help telling you this story to tell you everyone , A LM soldier that makes all BL respect.
    The was originally very lively, and PVP was often played in the wild, but later, some of the LM seemed to have disappeared collectively, leaving only a few LMs. In persistence, at first, LM seemed to have 25 people, because I saw them in Shacheng that they were receiving medicine, and then it was gone.
    gradually, fewer and fewer people seemed to be transferred to F, and it seemed to be transferred to F. Let ’s, we have honored our defendant to become a ghost F player
    is okay, at least we can also experience the essence of WOW's most essence, PVE content. So, we started to play this PVP server as PVE r
    By chance, they saw a LM soldier at the BL novel on the Hellfire Peninsula. This is a great news for BL. Very simple name: Magic, a 70 -level warrior, the equipment on the body should not be very good, many equipment cannot be identified in the appearance, so we have the only opponent player.
    about him, about him, As long as people who are in this F can say a lot, I only pick a few typical examples
    BL has 4 players to be NGL hungry, Duen's elite task, everyone who has done it knows It is quite difficult to equip ordinary points, so they set up a T5 set of soldiers to resist the task monsters. When they hit 40%, it looks like ZS falls. At this time, a figure charged, ridiculed, broke the armor, pulled the boss, and took a closer look. It was that LM warrior. Fighting, BL couldn't add blood to him, he could resist, one ordered his avatar, there were 2 BUFF below: shield wall, breaking the boat!
    The warrior was online, that LM's When the soldiers saw the T5 set of soldiers on the line, they started to stop the attack, and BL's soldiers began to ridicule the mission monster. In the end, they had done this task. A piece of mine with about 20 yards jumped, he just came to mining.
    BL has an unwritten small rule. If it looks at the same mine with the magic lottery, let him dig
    Many people have specially built LM small past greetings, followed by the issue of the field circulation. The shooting bank on the LM is basically equal to waste, so the means of making money seem to be to open a LR to brush the monsters, because someone has seen it. Someone once saw it. One is called: LR of the Phantom. He should throw things NPC. Well, you should know how difficult it is to make money like this. Anyway, when he occasionally see him in Shacheng, he just rides a 60%bird.
    A chance, when there was a small bank at the Treasure Bay Point Bank, the mouse ordered to neutral shooting. He opened it and looked at it. There were many equipment, materials, including various source materials, many blue Instant and some low -level purple costumes, the price does not exceed 20g, and the person who shot is actually this LM soldier. You can imagine the source material of more than 500 G in BL. Where can it be available in less than 20g? Intersection
    BL almost everyone knows this, and some people built LM Xiaoxiao that the materials he had hit can be lost, and the price can be higher, so that he can save a lot of effort to open a small number For money, his answer was placed on the top: huh, okay, I lost the store 5,6G, oh, yes, a lot, everyone is difficult to make money, so we have a habit of our F. Shooting the shop to see things. And if someone stood in the city and said, which kind of good brother borrowed 10G, I went to neutralize the weapon. This kind of person basically ignored it. At most, he only said that he would eat his strength and then left.
    The most memorable thing for BL is about December 13 or 14. BL celebrates 3.0.5. Everyone discusses destroy the storm king, so about 8:40 in the evening, BL begins to start. When the storm is slaughtered, when the storm fortress is hit, all BL stopped
    standing in front of them, there are 2 68 JY guards, LV5 little kings, etc. Fantasy of 70 ordinary players.
    is still the equipment that cannot be seen, and it is still the weapon given by the JJC mission. It is still the reputation shield of broken and broken yang. We decided to 1V1, so a FS rushed directly, about 20 seconds, about 20 seconds Later, he hung up, we are going to open the little king, everyone is preparing to take pictures, and the video of the video is prepared to record the video. At this time, the soldier was resurrected and continued to stand in front of the little king. After about 1 minute and 30 seconds, he resurrected again. In this way, he died intermittently for nearly 30 times, and many times was killed by the DZ of the BL hand that itching. Didn't you take off the equipment, the blood was much less. Everyone looked at it carefully. Sure enough, he had more than 8Q blood, and now he has become more than 6q. Has he taken off the equipment? At this time, the LM established by BL was in the past
    UT said that:
    BL: How about? how is everything? He took off his equipment and gave up directly to wait for us to kill?
    LM small: he is equipped with his body! I asked him.
    BL: What does he say?
    LM small: The equipment is all red, no money is repaired, he gives all the money to LR bird.
    BL: .....
    It said that on the UT in the 3 and 4 regiments, some girls knew that they started crying afterwards, intending to play LM in the past, and they were stopped.
    BL ran up a double -knife cow battle, saluted him, and then rubbed the Hearthstone.
    In more and more people start to rub the Hearthstone, and the CD also rides on the horse and starts to retreat ...
    It said that many guild information of BL is: in the magic game During this period, the city must not be slaughtered.

    6. A "fish don't lose" a song of liver intestines

    a level 1 small, actively trading him, gave him a little money, and some debris, among which Including a fish with XX pounds.

    This people: ??
    This returned: Song ni de
    and then answered again: yu bie diu

    fish Don't lose
    , you can imagine that when he was very young, he fished 22 pounds of catfish for the first time, and his excitement and joy at the time.
    When he left, he gave his most precious thing to a strange girl and instructed her: "yu bie diu"
    Surbing, sad, crying.
    The things we used to be most cherished is still there now?

    7. Boss, there was no chance to add blood to you before, let me add one plus

    When I was 30, he entered my meeting, "Novice Small Small Small Small Small Small Small Small Small One German, please take care of it. "I smiled at a glance and stuffed him a few small bags.
    Is when I was 37th, he was in the Western Wilderness. "Boss, how do you add this talent?" I smiled slightly and let him fight wild battle.
    Is when I was 47th, he was in the dead mine. "Boss, the mage grabbed my staff and cried." I laughed and brought him a fire stone.
    A when I was 61, he was in Noromorgen. "Boss, this warrior is not as good as you." I smiled proudly and swept Nomorgen.
    Is when my hero was mixed, he was in Gakissen, "Boss, where is the old pet? I want to ride." I smiled and told him to mail 100 gold coins.
    Is when I opened the wasteland, he was in Dongquan Valley. "Boss, this is the bear meat skewers I made, eat more." I smiled happily, and I would eat a string before the monsters.
    Is when I opened the wasteland, he jumped around in front of Dao Fengshan and jumped in front of me.
    The weeks after I had a hurry, he was in the Valley of Outland. "Boss, you see, I have a purple costume now!" I smiled bitterly, and the main force had almost finished.
    Is when I couldn't afford Karazan, he was in my group.
    The rest for a month, after everything stabilized, I returned to World of Warcraft. I joined my friend's meeting and started the day of 7:30 every day and disbanded at 12 o'clock.
    This equipment improved quickly, but my heart was extremely empty. The shadow of the previous leisure club always appeared in my heart, yearning? I don't know.
    The road is selected by myself, no matter right or wrong, go down.
    . Another day was over. I was tired of returning to the iron furnace, receiving a few emails to go offline, and suddenly someone organized me.
    "Boss, it's me!"
    "How are you?"
    "Why not speak?"
    "Boss, there was no chance to add blood to you before, let me now let me Add one plus. "
    At that moment, I knew what it means to make tears like a rain ...

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