typewriter jewelry wholesale How can I tell the authenticity of the gold bracelet? (There is an appraisal certificate Zhou Dafu)

typewriter jewelry wholesale How can I tell the authenticity of the gold bracelet? (There is an appraisal certificate Zhou Dafu) There are still invoices, can you check it online?

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  1. kadima-ltd.com wholesale body jewelry First, look at the color
    The higher the purity of the gold jewelry, the deeper the color. If there is no gold medal, you can determine the general color according to the following color (based on the golden gold. The so-called green gold is only a silver component in the gold); the dark red yellow color is more than 95%, and the light red yellow yellow 90-95%is 90-95% The pale yellow is 80-85%, the cyan is 65-70%, the color blue with white light is only 50-60%, and the slightly yellow and white are less than 50%. Generally, Qiqing, Eight Huang, and Jiu Chi can be used as a reference.
    . Listening to the sound
    The real gold with a color of more than 99%to throw it on the hard ground, it will make a tap sound, there is no rhyme or elasticity. The fake or low golden sound is crispy but no dullness. Generally, the sound of "Dangdang" is emitted, and there are surplus sounds.
    . The weight of the
    The proportion of gold is 19.32, which is more important than metal such as silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum. The volume of gold is more than 40%heavier than the silver, 1.2 times heavier than copper, and 6.1 times heavier than aluminum. The gold jewelry should have a feeling of sinking in the hand, and the fake gold jewelry feels lightly. This method is not suitable for gold jewelry inlaid.
    . The hardness of measuring
    is soft and low in hardness. It can draw light marks with nails. Teeth bite can leave the dental printing. High -colored gold jewelry is low in color. The harder, the bending method can also test the hardness, the pure gold is soft, it is easy to bend, the lower the purity, the less likely to bend.
    5. Seeing the mark
    The domestic gold jewelry is all prepared according to international standards, and the killing records, such as "24K" indicate "foot red" or "foot gold"; 18K gold, indicated " The word 18K ", the color is lower than the LOK, can not play the K gold mark according to regulations.
    6. Burning with fire
    In the fire to burn red (do not melt the jewelry), observe the color change after cooling, if the surface is still the original golden color is pure gold; if the color becomes darker Or to varying degrees, it is not pure gold. Generally, the lower the color, the stronger the color, and the darkens are all, indicating that it is a fake gold jewelry.

  2. wholesale hinged jewelry boxes In the future, consumers purchase valuables such as jadeite and diamonds to quickly identify authenticity. The two parties will launch a new version of the Baoyu Montecling Certificate on June 1. As the only national jewelery jade quality inspection agency, Mr. Zhang, the relevant person in charge of the National Inspection Center, introduced that compared with the old version of the certificate, the new version of the certificates of the certificate was changed by the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the China Treasure Association Bao Jade Inspection The two laboratories in the center jointly issued a certificate, which specially increases the anti -counterfeiting function. Consumers can check the authenticity of the certificate of the certificate through the three channels of access to the Internet, mobile phone SMS and telephone voice. According to Mr. Zhang, at present, the jewelry and jade appraisal of some international appraisal agencies have been imitated in the Asian market. The imitation situation found in the domestic market is mainly to copy the real certificate, but the appraisal certificate can only be a certificate corresponding to one corresponding to one. Products. For example, gold coin products have issued the same batch of products. In order to save costs, manufacturers only make one appraisal certificate, and other products copy the certificate. This is actually a deception of consumers. The other line, another one is consistent by "NGTC" micro -shrinkable letters. If the manufacturer copies or prints, and scans, then the straight line will become a broken line, and the line with a micro -narrow letter will not see any letters, so that consumers can easily distinguish their authenticity. In addition, the new version of the certificate adds the type of certificate. In addition to retaining the original paper certificate, the newly added folding certificate, and the naked drill 4C class certificate, corresponding to different grades of accessories and different inspection requirements. Mr. Zhang introduced that due to the high appraisal cost, many businesses are unwilling to make a lot of identification for the naked diamonds below Cra diamonds according to the requirements of Cla diamond. To this end, the National Inspection Center launched a naked diamond 4C grading certificate, which has fewer testing items, but ensure that consumers can understand the basic situation of the product at a glance. It is understood that the old version of the old version of the certificate and the new version of the certificate have the same legal effect and have been effective for a long time. The National Jewelry Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (hereinafter referred to as the National Inspection Center) is a national jewelry jade quality inspection institution authorized by law. Chinese jewelry and jade jewelry testing authority. The center is responsible for drafting the national standards of jewelry testing in my country, and is responsible for revising and explaining this standard. The center is facing domestic jewelry processing, sales, and consumer testing services, and the first domestic jewelry testing agency to fully realize networked management. The center undertakes the supervision and spot inspection of government departments at all levels such as quality inspection, industry and commerce, public security, judicial, customs and other levels of government departments. The quality policy of the center is science, fair, accurate, and efficient. The center provides good technical services for all sectors of society in accordance with the service purpose of quality first, credibility first, and service first. From June 1, 2007, the center has officially launched a new version of the certificate. Thanks to the majority of consumer friends who have always supported, trusted, followed and understood the center of the center, please also continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the new version of the certificate to ensure that in the future in jewelry jewelry in jewelry and jade jewelry in jewelry Consumption rights are not infringed. [Differences of the new version, the old version of the certificate]: 1. The type of certificate increases: While the new version of the certificate retains the original paper card certificate, add the newly increased folding certificate and the naked drill 4C grading certificate to correspond to different grades of accessories and accessories and accessories Different inspection requirements. 2. Adjustment of certification agency identification: "CNAL", the former China Laboratory National Appraisal Committee "CNAL", was renamed the China Qualified Evaluation National Council "CNAS". 3. Fine -adjustment logo: On the basis of the original logo, adjustment makes it more heavy and stable, and increase anti -counterfeiting function. 4. Emphasize design: The new version of the certificate cover is lined with the "certificate" of the national characteristics. At the same time, the same color gradient style is adopted as a whole, while different types of certificates are different. 5. Certificate of issuance: The new version of the certificate is jointly issued by the two laboratories of the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the China Treasure Association Baoju Inspection Center. 6. Increasing anti -counterfeiting function: In addition to conventional anti -counterfeiting methods, the new version of the certificate also specially adopts a series of new anti -counterfeiting technologies. 7, authenticity query: new text message query and mobile phone voice query service of authenticity of certificates. This article is transferred from: jewelry Shang

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