little black dress jewelry organizer wholesale What do you bring in Japan

little black dress jewelry organizer wholesale

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  1. pink wholesale jewelry The Japanese travel visa is coming down, and the long -awaited Japanese trip is finally about to start. Is it more and more excited to sleep at night? What should I bring? The following is the items needed for Japanese tourism, so that you will give a big bottom to your heart before leaving, ready to be ready early, sleeping Meimei and waiting for departure!
    . The required items
    1. Certificate: Passport and visa
    2. Life necessities:
    ) Washing supplies-Japanese hotel accommodation does not prepare for the guests at one time toilet If you need it, you need to bring it yourself, or you can also buy it in the supermarket in Japan, but if the aircraft is late in Japan, it is still taken by yourself;
    ) Essential items Frequent rain), slippers (not provided by Japanese hotels)
    3) Paper towels or handkerchiefs: Japanese people use handkerchiefs. Do not put your hand paper in the bathroom of Japan, so you can use some paper towels or prepare a handkerchief to use it.
    4) Small cups or small bottles (thermos): The water provided by Japanese restaurants is ice water, even in winter. Therefore, people who do n’t drink cold drinks should pay attention. It is best to bring a warm bottle by themselves. Japanese drinks are relatively expensive, but they can drink tap water, and they can bring their own small cups or small bottles to drink.
    5) Cosmetics: less or even no need to bring. Because you can't stop shopping in the Japanese drugstore, it is better to go to the drugstore to buy it directly. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare less and prepare a small bottle.
    6) Conversion plug: Japan's voltage is 100 volts, and the socket is a flat -footed socket. The cylindrical plug and the Sanping -pin socket are not available in Japan. It is recommended to buy a conversion plug in advance. Some hotels have a conversion plug. Japan's power supply is all on both ends, and the domestic notebook power supply is three heads, so it cannot be used. Be sure to bring the conversion head with three changes.
    3. Preparation of luggage bags:
    It when you go, it is recommended that the suitcase must be brought with less, because you can't buy some clothes, clothes, souvenirs and the like in Japan. When you come back, you are not overweight, so you should choose less when you choose to go. There is no need to bring the boxes. The tourists who go to Japan are basically bought in Japan, and the quality is really good.
    4. Small book:
    The writing passport number, free travel insurance order number, flight time, embassy phone, website customer service phone, hotel phone, UnionPay/visa local contact information. A copy of the phone and number records, you can use other calls to make a contact at any time when you encounter an emergency or your mobile phone is lost.
    5, copying:
    passports, flights, hotel pre -orders, embassy telephones, etc., it is best to copy another in case;
    , other small bags:
    In addition, you must prepare a handbag or shoulder bag with a handbag to install valuables, such as passport documents, laptops, cameras, wallets, etc.
    7. Tourism information preparation:
    It before departure, it is best to read some books and materials to go to the national tourist attractions, local customs, folk customs and history, etc., so as to produce an overall impression and reduce the entire travel process Blind and passive. There are so many kinds of Raiders on the Internet now. Looking at one or two, downloading it to the phone is almost the same.
    8. Gift preparation:
    The individual tourists can prepare some small crafts with Chinese folk characteristics (such as folk paper -cutting, Peking Opera Facebook, etc.) as small gifts. (In case the folklore owner or the boss is very enthusiastic, you can give gifts to express your gratitude)
    9, currency and UnionPay/VISA card preparation:
    Coustically check the Japanese exchange rate in advance, change the day in the country to change the day in advance Coin, Bank of China can be changed. Don't change with tour guides, you will lose. With a certain amount of yen, and then bringing the UnionPay/VISA card to be prepared. Carry at least 10,000 to 20,000 yen with you. Many Japanese (scenic spots) automatic cash machines do not recognize foreign cards. In addition, many institutions do not accept credit cards.
    10. Map:
    It is best for map navigation, especially the free traveling tube, so as not to get lost in Japan. Of course, it is even better if it is a map of Chinese.
    . The relevant provisions of the unified entry and exit
    1. Chinese customs regulations: Chinese citizens are limited to RMB 6,000 yuan per person when traveling to the countryside and foreign currency with equivalence of 5,000 US dollars. If you bring more cash, do not store it concentrated;
    2. When leaving the country, you need to report your own high -level cameras and cameras to the customs truthfully. Once you do not declare or declare that the person who does not enter the country is found, the consequences shall be borne by the guests themselves;
    3. It is strictly forbidden to carry items that are not allowed to carry when entering and exiting the country. Animal and plant are not allowed to carry out and exit. Try not to bring items for people to pass the level, so as not to enter and exit illegal items such as prohibited items, bringing unnecessary trouble to yourself;
    . Luggage: Large baggage: consignment with the team, the weight does not exceed 20 kg, the weight does not exceed 20 kg, the weight does not exceed 20 kg. Each guest can carry a hand luggage boarding, with the specifications exceeding the standard (length: 56cm, width: 36cm, height: 23cm).

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