3 thoughts on “What is the difference between Turkey's gold and Chinese gold”

  1. Basically, there is no difference
    1, gold depends on this is the international market, and the price between the two countries is basically similar.
    2, the purity of gold is basically the same.
    The ideas of ideas and foreigners are different
    1. Foreigners pay more attention to the added value of gold. Such as craftsmanship, style.
    2, the Chinese care more about gold preservation.
    The expansion information:

    physical properties
    1, color:
    The steam emitted when gold is melted is green; its gold powder during the smelting process is usually brown brown brownish brown ; If it is cast into a thin piece, it can convey green light.
    2, ductility:
    is extremely strong. 1 ounce of gold can be pulled into 50 miles long, and its ductility makes it easy to cast and is a good choice for making jewelry. Gold is the strongest in the metal.
    3, forgedness:
    INO. It can cause extremely thin and easy to roll up. 1 ounce of gold can be hammered to 4 million -foot thick and 100 square feet. The ancients hammed it into thin slices to decorate the temples and the palace. These can explain the strong flexibility and forgedness of gold.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Gold

  2. Turkey's gold is well liked by Europe and the Middle East.
    The Chinese people buy gold jewelry to pursue value preservation. Ignore the beauty of the jewelry itself.
    Foreigners pay more attention to the added value of gold.
    Turkey is located in Eurasia. Like many Europeans and Americans,
    . They are pursuing style value in gold. Most of the market selling jewelry is 14K and 18K, 22K,
    24K. So this is also impossible for many people to go to Turkey for his golden jewelry style.
    each price is different. Turkey's handicraft costs are relatively high.
    14k The general price of each gram according to the style process is around 400-500.

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