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  1. 1. The main equipment to be purchased by Kaishui Fruit Store is the container first. The containers include Nakajima containers in the fruit shop, conventional containers, and windows. Ordinary three -story shelves. The owner of the Kaishui Fruit Store learns the circles, searching for a search function under the circle of friends, and searching for early lessons. The circle is constantly gathered to join the fruit shop owner. It is not easy to open a shop. Thanks to a group of good teachers and friends! The cash register, one is the cash register, and the other is the fruit cutting platform and the cash register. Generally, it is placed in the innermost of the fruit shop. You need to make a cashier, a fruit cut, and buy an electronic scale cash register system. The curtain cabinet is standard for the fruit shop. The curtain cabinet is a bit more expensive than the refrigerator. It has the function of keeping fresh fruits and can also play a role in showing the fruit. Especially in summer, the temperature is high. Major role.
    2. The layout looks more comfortable.
    When the fruit shop layout is decorated, you can consider how to place the products sold later. The fruit shop will be divided into a fruit placement area, snack display area, dried fruit fruit, dried fruit, and fruit fruit. The area, the gift box area, the special fruit area, the layout of the fruit store makes customers look fuller. Fruit shop sells fruits, not gold jewelry. The store must be a good way. Do not invest too much money. More entry experience sharing in the opening fruit store, searching for a search function under the circle of friends, and searching for early lessons. If the decoration is too good, it will not be grounded, and the customers dare not enter, and there is no need to spend a large price at the door. There is no need for the ceiling to brush the big white in the fruit shop.
    3, the lights are used with ordinary incandescent lamps
    The lights of fruit shops can stimulate a lot of sales. Lighting can affect the atmosphere of the entire fruit shop. Good lighting effect and darker fruit shops will bring consumers two There is a very different feeling. When decorating the fruit shop, pay more attention to the dark place. If there is a dead corner of light, you can use more waiting for lights or mirrors to increase the brightness of the fruit store as a whole. At the same time, it is also thought that the fruits are not very fresh. A fruits in an old and dark place always make people feel unreasonable.

  2. Fruit refrigerated cabinet. If you buy fruits, you can also buy some drinks and beverages display cabinets or wind curtain cabinets. If you don't want to invest too much, you can change to a wooden frame. Relative to the fruit insurance insurance of the wind curtain cabinet, it must be much better. There is a newly installed fruit shop here

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