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  1. You need to prepare, flour eggs and granulated sugar, followed by fermenting flour after fermenting the sugar eggs and putting it in the cake mold. Put the cake in the oven for more than 15 minutes to come forward, and the aroma can be removed. You need to prepare flour eggs, sugar.

  2. The bottom of the cake of fondant cake should generally choose a sponge cake bottom. This is more supportive. If the Qifeng cake is used as the bottom, it will cause the cake to collapse. For the production of fondant with decorative flowers, you can learn tutorials online and use molds to make it. The fondant is more exquisite. Prepare low -gluten flour, butter, cake bottom, cream, roses and other ingredients for fondant cakes.

  3. Fin sugar cakes are mainly cakes, milk, coffee, etc. The art cake originated from the UK is an American favorite cake decoration method.
    The main ingredients are eggs, flour, sugar, cotton.

  4. Flond sugar cake
    cake body: 65 grams of low powder, 30 grams of butter, 30 grams of milk, 40 grams of sugar, 3
    cream cream: 100 grams of butter, 150 cream 150 30 grams of grams, sugar powder
    cake decoration: fondant, dried Peste, edible pigment

    [cake body]
    1, butter thermal insulation water melts melt Add milk and mix well, add egg yolk and mix well.
    2, the egg whites are divided into three times and add sugar until the hard foam, and then cut it with the egg yolk paste twice, pour the 6 -inch mold. Put it in a pre -heated oven with a 170 degrees. Bake for 50-55 minutes. Black buckle and cool (bake two cakes together).
    [cream cream]
    1, room temperature soften butter and sugar powder and beating smoothly. After the color becomes lighter, add the room temperature of the radio temperature 3 times. 2. Cut the cool cakes into 4 pieces, apply cream cream overlap, and then use cream cream to smooth the entire cake and refrigerate the refrigerator overnight.
    [Cake decoration] Use a little pigment with Gan Peska, and decorate it with a flutter noodles.

  5. Flond sugar materials can be purchased online, but most of them are not cheap, and the amount of fondant cake is indeed large. Generally, the cake body is heavy oil cake, which is relatively stable and stable. The reason why the cake is expensive, wipe the noodles, almost the same. When the picture is like a picture, rinse the knife with water, and then wipe the noodle cake gently, put the refrigerator, and then take it out after a while, it will be flat. The cake noodles are delicate. The mouth of the sponge cake is moist, which is more solid than Qi Feng, but there is no dryness of ordinary sponge, the sandwich is cream, and the taste is smoother. Next, I will introduce ingredients and specific operations: The following is basically seasoning and plastic surgery for the fondant and plastic surgery according to personal taste and hobbies. The basic part of the fondant is basically the above three steps, and the three steps are done. The rest of the taste and shape depends on personal preferences and handicrafts.
    Fondant cakes (Fondant Cakes) is a dessert, with the main raw materials including coffee, milk, cake, etc. The art cake originated in the UK is now a favorite cake decoration method of Americans. The fondant cake is mainly composed of sugar skin and the cake inside. The shape is ever -changing. Because the sugar skin is strong, the cake value is relatively high. We generally use heavy oil cakes and load -bearing. It is more appropriate to make Tanghua and the characters. You need to have a professional fondant mold to make it.

    Plip first layer of petals at the bottom: Pay attention not to be too neat for the upper and lower petals, so messy. If the petals pleated small pieces of cotton sugar are used as good as possible. If you are just opened, pour them all into a large container, pour two to four spoons of water, bake it in high temperature in a microwave oven for 30 seconds, take it out, stir one by one Stir to make the temperature uniformly distributed, and then it is relatively difficult to put it. If you want to do it better, it is recommended to find a professional training school to learn systematically. Western food colleges are also widely used in commemorative days, birthdays, celebrations, and even gifts between friends! Whether it is a big cake or a fondant cup cake, it attracts people’s attention.

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