If these problems occur with the PE tube, pay attention to them

The construction of PE pipe can also save a lot of cost compared with the traditional pipe, and PE pipe can also be used as the trenchless project pipe.

As we all understand, PE water supply pipe is a water supply pipe used in more pipes. PE water supply pipe is a kind of environmental protection and durable pipe.

It has certain antibacterial, self-cleaning effects, will not scale, avoid secondary pollution.

However, most people may not understand what phenomenon of PE water supply pipe indicates that it needs to be replaced.

HDPE pipe fitting suppliers identified the following phenomena:

(1) Surface crack.

For PE water supply pipe without sunscreen protection, long-term exposure to sunlight will lead to a downward trend in all aspects of its performance, so its life will also be affected. If the surface appears tiny cracks, rough, no oil texture, should be replaced in time. If it continues to be used, it may cause water leakage and increase losses.

(2) The PE pipe welding port is included.

PE pipe welding, water leakage, PE pipe quality is not excellent, welding is not strong, or poor welding process. If multiple sections of the PE pipe leak regularly, it means that you should replace the PE supply pipe.

(3) There is a wound.

PE has a wound on the water pipe, which is manifested as a natural disaster or man-made construction and excavation damage to the PE pipe, resulting in obvious cracks in the pipe body. In order to avoid dangerous accidents, some PE pipe sections should be replaced in time, or all replaced with fresh PE pipe, and protective measures should be taken.

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