What are the pigments commonly used in powder coatings

Pigments used in powder coating powder are divided into inorganic pigments and organic pigments.​

First, inorganic pigments

Inorganic pigments are divided into black pigments, white pigments, red pigments, yellow pigments, blue pigments, brown pigments, purple pigments, pearlescent pigments and so on.​

1. Black pigment - the most important variety is carbon black. According to the preparation of different technology, carbon black varieties are different. Other varieties also use iron oxide black and graphite. The quality of carbon black is related to the color.​

2. Blue pigments -- the main varieties are ultramarine, iron blue and cobalt blue.

Ultramarine is the most commonly used blue pigment and has a brightening effect.​

3. Brown pigment -- mainly iron oxide brown, generally from iron yellow, iron red, iron black color

4. Red pigments -- mainly iron oxide red.

Iron oxide color is very rich, because of its lower price, excellent performance, is a more commonly used inorganic pigment.​

5. Yellow pigments -- mainly lead chromium yellow, cadmium yellow and iron yellow, lead chromium yellow is the most widely used, the output is the largest, at the same time is not conducive to environmental protection, there is a trend to be controlled use


6. Pearlescent pigment - with beautiful metallic luster, non-toxic high temperature resistance, natural pearlescent powder, alkali lead carbonate, titanium oxide can be used as pearlescent pigment, usually said and the most used pearlescent pigment is mica titanium pearlescent pigment

7. White pigment - mainly titanium white, zinc barium white, zinc oxide and other varieties, titanium dioxide is the most widespread, rutile type and anatase type two models, rutile type weather resistance is better.​

Two, organic pigments

According to the structure, organic pigments are divided into azO pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, heterocyclic and thick cyclic ketone pigments, OXanthracene lake pigments, triarylmethane and its lake pigments, nitro and nitroso pigments, methylimine and its metal complex pigments, fluorescent pigments.

1. Azo pigments: is the largest variety of organic pigments, the most main category, the output of organic pigments in the largest, about 60%, according to the chemical structure, can be divided into single azo pigments and double azo pigments, and can be subdivided into insoluble azo pigments, azo dye lake and condensed azo pigments three types.

2. Phthalocyanin pigments: mainly phthalocyanine blue and green high-grade organic pigments, the yield and dosage are large, among which organic pigments are an important source of blue and green spectrum, bright color, good fastness.

3. Heterocyclic and thick cyclic ketone pigments can be divided into quinacridone pigments, dioxide pigments, anthrone pigments, etc.​

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