How much is a lift truck?

Lift truck and trailer mounted boom lifts is a special hydraulic lift platform for vertical transport of heavy objects, which is mainly used for transporting heavy objects up and down in factories and workshops. This platform is especially suitable for safe use in low-rise buildings.

3c6bb29054128f9eda5d8660428e7710So about the price of a lift flat car, there are a lot of buyers. Yes, question, lift a flat car in the end. How much money?

There is no specific price of lifting platform car, ranging from hundreds to tens of millions, because this product is a customized product, lifting weight needs to be customized, lifting height needs to be customized, moving is more costly than fixed, therefore the price of lifting platform car can only be accurately quoted if you determine the accurate plan.

The role of lifting platform car:

Electric lift platform is divided into fixed and portable two kinds, including mobile lift platform with functions of automatic walking, does not require an external power supply, do not need artificial traction, mobile and flexible, easy to operate, elevating freedom, only one person can complete forward, backward, steering, quick, moderate to walk and move up and down, save labor, It IS ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR HIGH ALTITUDE WORK IN STATIONS, WHARves, airports, STADIUMS, large enterprises and so on. It is the most ideal high altitude work equipment in China.

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