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  1. diamond jewelry wholesale online Hello,
    Manyang May 26, 2016 Lao Fengxiang price
    It you can refer to the following official website data:
    old Fengxiang gold price (thousands) 333 yuan/gram
    ) 295 yuan/gram
    old Fengxiang Foot gold price (Wanzu) 334.5 yuan/gram
    gold (GOLD) is a single -quality form of chemical element (chemical element symbol AU). Yellow, precious metal. Gold is one of the rare, precious and most valued metals. Internationally, gold is generally based on ounces, and ancient China was used as a gold unit. It was a very important metal. It is not only a special currency for reserves and investment, but also an important material for the jewelry, electronics, modern communications, aerospace and air industry and other departments.

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