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  1. brown jewelry boxes wholesale Yes. 999 foot gold refers to the purity of gold reaching 99.9%, also known as "thousands of gold", which can also be said to be pure gold and 24K gold. This type of gold is usually marked with thousands of gold, 999 gold, GOLD999 or G999. Foot gold with higher purity in it also has "Persistence", that is, AU9999 or G9999. Golden has the saying of Qiqing, Eight Huang, and Jiu Chi to represent the success of gold.
    and 999 gold is the highest purity gold, so the color is red yellow, and because of the high purity of 999 gold, its texture is very soft and easy to deform. Foot gold 999 is more common in gold jewelry.
    Because the gold material is relatively soft, many gold jewelry needs to add some non -golden materials to the connection, buckle and other parts during production to make the jewelry stronger. 9999, generally speaking, the purity of the gold bars or some simple styles is the full gold 9999.
    999 gold is pure gold.
    is that pure gold refers to 24K gold, that is, gold with a content of 100%, which can reach 99.6 or more according to regulations. Although the theoretically 100%gold can be called 24K gold, due to the restrictions of modern refining technology, the state stipulates that as long as the content reaches 99.6% The purity of gold is 99.9%in line with national standards, so it is considered pure gold. The gold content of the gold content is more than 999 gold called thousands of gold.
    commonly known as "three -nine gold", the color of this gold is very high. In daily life, we will see the logo such as thousands of gold, 999 gold, GOLD999 or G999. Only the highest preservation of foot gold products, usually the gold that can be fulfilled at real time must be foot gold and pure gold, and alloy jewelry will greatly depreciate.

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