wholesale hematite jewelry What are the environmental protection of environmental protection bags?

wholesale hematite jewelry

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  1. wholesale natural stone body jewelry There should be two definitions of environmental protection bags. On the one hand, it means that it can be made with natural materials. On the other hand, it means that it will not remain residual in the natural environment after the broken The harm is small than other materials).
    The general plastic bags are difficult to degrade after discarding the environment. Even after a small part of the decomposition, harmful substances can be generated. Using environmental protection bags can avoid such environmental pollution.
    On December 1, 2017, the "English Translation Specifications in the Public Service Field" is officially implemented, stipulating that the standard English name of environmental protection bags is Recycle Bag or —Friendly Bag.
    BOD5 means a comprehensive indicator of the content of oxygen in the water in the water. When the organic matter in the water contacted the air, the amount of oxygen required when the oxygen -required microorganism was broken down to make it the amount of oxygen required when it was inorganic or gasized. It is represented by milligrams/liters. It is determined by adding microbial and oxygen saturated water that can decompose organic matter in the sample of the measured water. Under a certain temperature (20 ° C), the number of days reacts through the specified number of days, and then measured according to the reduction of oxygen in the water.
    The dissolved oxygen: The dissolved oxygen volume is affected by the water temperature, air pressure, and solubility (such as salt), decreases as the water temperature increases, and the proportional proportional proportion of oxygen compression in the atmosphere is increased. Due to the pollution of water, the existence of organic corruption substances and other redundant substances, the dissolved oxygen is consumed. Therefore, the cleaner the water, the more dissolved oxygen is contained; the more the water pollution is, the less dissolved oxygen.
    COD: Under certain conditions, the amount of oxidant consumed by a certain strong oxidant when treating water samples is represented by the milligram/liter of oxygen. It uses a chemical oxidant to oxidize the restore substance in the water sample, and then calculate the consumption of oxygen from the amount of the remaining oxidant. Its measurement can be used with potassium chromate, or permanganate method.
    api: The air quality weekly report is based on the results of several common pollutants stipulated in the national "Environmental Air Quality Standard", evaluate the air quality of the city within one week, and to the public in the form of the air pollution index to the public release.
    The air pollution index (Air Pollution Index (API) is a method that reflects and evaluates air quality, which is to simplify the concentration of several air pollutants that are monitored into a single conceptual value form and graded characterization. The degree of air quality and air pollution, the results are concise and intuitive, easy to use, and are suitable for representing the short -term air quality conditions and changes in the city.
    The determination principles of the air pollution index:
    This The quality of the air quality depends on the degree of pollution that harms the greatest pollutant in various pollutants. The air pollution index is based on the impact of environmental air quality standards and the impact of various pollutants on the human health and ecological environment to determine the grading of the pollution index and the corresponding pollutant concentration limit. At present, the hierarchical standards of the air index used in my country are: (1) The concentration of pollutant concentration corresponding to the 50 -point air pollution index (API) is the national air quality average standard; Quality daily average standards; (3) The concentration of pollutant concentration corresponding to the API200 point is the national air quality daily average three -level standard; The concentration limit, the API500 point corresponds to the concentration of various pollutants when the human body is seriously harmful.
    The pollutant items that are tentatively set: sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and total suspended particulates according to the characteristics of my country's air pollution and pollution prevention work. With the deepening of environmental protection and the improvement of the level of monitoring technology, adjust the increase in other pollution projects in order to more objectively reflect the pollution.
    The calculation and report of the air pollution index:
    The relationship between the concentration of pollution index and various pollutants is segmented linear functions (see Table 1 and Figure 1), calculate the divisions of each pollutant with internal interpolation method Index IN (please refer to the "Environmental Monitoring Briefing" 1997, No. 9), and take the largest pollution index in various pollutants to represent the pollution index of the area or city. That is: API = MAX (I1, I2 ... II, ... in)
    The pollutants corresponding to the index are the primary pollutants in the area or city. When the pollution index API value is less than 50, the primary pollutants are not reported.

  2. jewelry wax models wholesale In terms of production costs, non -woven bags are relatively cheap environmentally friendly cloth bags. Cotton bags are secondary, and velvet bags and canvas bags are the most expensive. From the use of use, most of the general supermarket shopping bags are used as non -woven bags. Cotton bags are generally used as data bags for enterprises. Of course, a considerable number of companies also use non -woven bags. Velvet bags are generally used as packaging bags or gift bags for gifts. The canvas bags are generally used as shopping bags, and many canvas bags are very fashionable, and they are very popular with some ladies nowadays. Another type of cloth bag is Oxford cloth bag, Oxford cloth is a waterproof fabric. Therefore, if the cloth bag you want to make has a waterproof function, Oxford cloth bags are generally used. However, the Oxford cloth bags are not a kind of environmentally friendly cloth bag in a strict sense, because the back of the fabric has a layer of waterproof PVC material, and this layer of PVC materials are not a material that is easily degraded by naturally. Therefore, we generally do not calculate the category of Oxford bags as environmentally friendly cloth bags. Of course, there are many other types of environmental protection fabrics that can also be processed into environmental protection bags, but because of its relatively high cost, the processing process is different from the previous several.

  3. crossfit jewelry wholesale The rise of the bag has also begun after the state promulgation of plastic restrictions in recent years. Plastic bags undoubtedly have a great harm to the environment. There are more and more people, and more and more domestic waste. How to promote the application of environmentally friendly bags and reduce the emissions of white garbage. This is a problem that environmentally friendly bag manufacturers should think more, so with the exit of the plastic bag, it gradually moves to the front desk. But in terms of the current popularity of environmental protection bags, non -woven environmental protection bags are far less popular than the original plastic bags.
    First of all, for the product, we must pursue a more reliable quality. Each environmental protection product such as every environmental protection bag, non -woven bag shopping bag used by consumers needs to have hard use of quality to make consumers fall in love with it to fall in love with it. Essence It will popularize when you fall in love. Only by driving each citizen to implement environmental protection can we be visible to the realization of environmental protection.
    The biggest advantage of the environmental protection bag manufacturer market is that it can print exquisite graphics, which is very suitable for advertising materials, and compared to plastic bags, non -woven bags have certain repetitive use value. Consumers get obtained After that, it can be used for shopping, storage, and convenient bags. Therefore, consumers are also very happy to receive one free of charge, and for merchants, when consumers reuse the bags, the advertising information printed on the bag is repeated. Propaganda and promotion have a huge communication effect. Therefore, whether it is consumers or brand companies, they all like to customize environmental protection bags as advertising promotion gifts.
    Secondly, in the process of cooperating with brand enterprises, environmentally friendly bag manufacturers should try to reduce the cost of non -woven bags through the innovation of production technology. Enterprise gifts are the largest channels and models for the popularization of environmental bags. Only a large number of brand companies can make more non -woven bags reach the public's hands. In order to effectively reduce the emissions of white garbage.

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