standard jewelry wholesale Chow Tai Fook Diamond Ring, how much can you sell for second -hand?

standard jewelry wholesale

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  1. 24k gold plated wholesale jewelry with jade buddha 1. Diamond ring is not like the uniform recovery price and high value preservation, and it is difficult for ordinary people to be trained by the quality of diamonds. Therefore, the second -hand diamond market is relatively chaotic, and buyers also pressure the price very low. Generally speaking, the selling price of second-hand diamond rings is 2-3 % of the original price.
    2, in the second -hand market, Chow Tai Fook's diamond ring has no advantage in the price of other brands or miscellaneous diamond rings, because diamonds are mainly about quality, and big brands may not have good quality. This is very different from gold transactions.

    The quality of diamonds represents the price and status of this diamond.
    1. Simply speaking, the larger the diamond, the more valuable (weighing the weight of carats); the purer the diamond, the more valuable (weighing by the clarity); the lighter the diamond The more accurate the cut, the more shiny (weighing). The combination of these factors determines the quality of the diamond group.
    2. The most rare diamonds are the most expensive prices. Those granules are large, pure in color, bright and clear and well -cut. Diamonds are graded according to their quality and size every 4C.
    3. carats are the weight measurement unit of diamonds. This weighing unit is the easiest to judge in 4C, but the quality of the two diamonds of the same size is different. Because the quality of the diamond also depends on color, clarity and cutting.

  2. wholesale gemstone jewelry beads Gold is precious metal, international cargo, anti -inflation, the most valuable currency. Gold can be recovered at high prices ((specifically refers to gold bars), and the price is transparent. Because like stocks, there is a real -time chart in New York Securities. As shown in the figure, this is the price of gold. , Just deduct a maximum of a few yuan per gram according to the New York entry price. If it is some jewelry, it is not worth it. It is more than 200 yuan per gram. His purity has no gold bar high. Scene). Buying this depends on each gold shop, not all gold shops will be recovered, some state -owned enterprises and listed companies are required. Now there are gold shops but you can buy it where you buy it. Keep it for preservation.

  3. wholesale jewelry cases Diamonds regardless of the old and new, just look at its 4C parameters, which is the parameters on the diamond certificate. If it is the GIA certificate, it is more valuable. It mainly depends on its weight carat, color, clarity, and cutting. If you can sell a better price, if it is generally, even if you buy it, you can't sell a few dollars. If you want to deal with it, you can choose a regular company or website to gather luxury from second -hand luxury goods to gather luxury to deal with diamond necklaces with friends.
    The data from Baidu Map, the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

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