natasha jewelry wholesale Is the gold necklace sold by China Golden Store? Why not sell it?

natasha jewelry wholesale

3 thoughts on “natasha jewelry wholesale Is the gold necklace sold by China Golden Store? Why not sell it?”

  1. wholesale iridescent cheap jewelry The gold necklace sold by the Golden Store is sold at gram, but if you add a hand -made fee, you buy pure gold, he must sell it to you

  2. nyc jewelry stainless steel wholesale In recent years, a kind of "3D hard gold" has been made. This gold jewelry is sold at a bite. The processing process is completely different from the tradition, and the pricing method is different. Chinese gold only went the day before yesterday.

  3. wholesale fashion jewelry lots The noise of the Chinese Golden Beibei Cai Flagship Store disturb the people, and it is shameless for repeated teaching! The store has been constantly noisy to disturb the people every holiday in 2017! Open a whole week! It is the lion dance and the gongs and drums! Every or two hours of trouble every hour or two! Residents nearby are miserable! Later, he was sold at the store's entrance with a big sound, or was sold by Miss Etiquette with a microphone, or repeatedly put the mouse and loved rice seriously invading nearby residents! The "Measures for the Prevention and Control of Living Noise Pollution in Shanghai" clearly stipulates that the store must not use the sound expansion equipment outside the store to pick up customers! 110 and Beicai Grid Center have repeatedly discouraged repeatedly! Too shameless! Too missing! It is conceivable: Can such a lack of virtue produce good quality products?
    The leaders of the Chinese Gold Shanghai Branch to educate the managers of various branches to do business first! Don't do the damage to Yin and virtue! Otherwise, it will be recruited, and business cannot be good!

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