jewelry bags wholesale with logo Zhenhua Group's detailed introduction

jewelry bags wholesale with logo

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  1. luxury jewelry bags wholesale Yantai Zhenhua Department Store Group Co., Ltd. is a joint -stock enterprise approved by the Shandong Provincial Government in 1994. It is a member of the National Trade Federation of Large Store Retail Enterprises and a key enterprise group in Shandong Province. Supermarket chain stores, 19 home appliance chain stores, 1 three -star hotels and 3 real estate companies. It is a large -scale enterprise group that integrates shopping, catering, entertainment, commercial and residential, service, real estate development and other large -scale business groups. , Total assets of 6.68 billion yuan. In 2008, sales revenue was 7.586 billion yuan, and the profit tax was 395 million yuan, an increase of 27.20%and 48.94%over the same period. He has won "Yantai City Top 50 Enterprises", "Advanced Collective of Shandong Province's" Fortunately, Rich and Xinglu "," Shandong Province Business Integrity Enterprise ", and" Shandong Provincial Service Brand ". The honorary titles of "National Commercial Reputation Enterprise", "National Key Credit Enterprise", "China's Top 100 Retail Industry Enterprises" and other honorary titles.
    Over the years, Zhenhua Group has taken the responsibility of revitalizing the national business, and the goal of strengthening the Zhenhua brand with the goal of strengthening the opportunity and accelerating development. Zhenhua Department Store chain, supermarket chain expanded from Yantai City to Fushan, Muping, Longkou, Penglai, Qixia, Haiyang, Rushan, Zhaoyuan and Weihai, Rongcheng, Dongying, Jinan, Laiwu, Liaocheng, Zibo, Zibo Wait for more than a dozen regions.
    Stojin brand standing store. Modern department stores and mass vendor supermarkets are the two main formats of the company. Over the years, the company has insisted on dynamic adjustment, and has taken brand building as an important part of the core competitiveness of the company. It is market -oriented, and continuously improves market positioning. The product advantages and informatization and scientific management advantages operated by dislocation. Zhenhua has become synonymous with "brand department stores", "high -end department stores" and "boutique department stores", and firmly occupied the high -end consumer market in the Yantong area.
    Stocks to diversify development. While the retail industry's expansion scale and rapid development, Zhenhua Group actively expanded the business field, and now has achieved gratifying results in the real estate field: successfully operated Linyi Longwan, Yantai "Zhenhua. International Plaza", Sheratun Garden Waterfront High -end residential community Wait for real estate projects. Zhenhua Group has driven the development of the real estate industry with the advantages of the retail industry, consolidating the virtuous circle of retail industry with the development of the real estate industry, and enabled Zhenhua's development to reach a higher level. On this basis, new projects must be reserved, and they must be actively and stable to extend in the fields of financial investment, e -commerce, high -tech and other fields to achieve complementary formats, resource sharing, mutual support, and coordinated development.
    based on the construction of a large -scale business enterprise group in internationalization and modernization, Zhenhua will actively promote the "going global" strategy, and quickly establish a chain operation network with Yantai as the center, facing the province and the whole country, so that "department stores and supermarkets" The two wings are flying together, the two -wheel drive of "retail real estate", mainly retail, real estate development as a supplement, and multi -business interactive development. In 2009, Zhenhua Group's sales revenue will exceed 10 billion yuan, achieving a profit and tax of 600 million yuan.
    2009 Zhenhua Collection Group Department Store Opening Store: Zhenhua Tiandi, Zhaoyuan Zhenhua Shangsha Erdian, Fushan Zhenhua Shangsha Second Store, Zhenhua Group · Jinan People's Shopping Mall, Weifang Zhenhua Commercial Building, Zibo Zhenhua Commercial Building, Zibo Zhenhua Commercial Building, Zibo Zhenhua Commercial Building, Zibo Zhenhua Commercial Building, Zibo Zhenhua Commercial Building, Zibo Zhenhua Commercial Building, Zibo Zhenhua Commercial Building, Zibo Zhenhua Commercial Building, Zibo Zhenhua Business Building, Zibo Zhenhua Commercial Building, Weihai Rongcheng Zhenhua Business Building.

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