18k gold plated jewelry wholesale How much can Zhou Dafu 18K Gold Diamond Ring?

18k gold plated jewelry wholesale

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  1. jewelry wholesale bulk Even if the gold shop is recycled. Essence To be honest, the recovery price is almost about 3000. After all, this is still 10K gold, and the color of the diamond is still the K-L color level. A little yellow. It is estimated that if you can find a person to turn your hands, it is estimated that it is more expensive. Essence The normal price is not high if you get it in the store or find a pawn. what.

  2. wholesale jewelry trading co 18K refers to the purity of the gold in jewelry in jewelry 18K.

    18k is not weight, but a proportion. Theoretically, 100%gold content is 24K. In fact, it is impossible to have 100%purity gold. Our country stipulates that the gold with a purity above 99.6%(inclusive) is 24K. 18K is the golden ratio of 18, 18/24 = 0.75, which is 750 thousandths. Therefore, the mark of 18K gold is AU750, 18K or G750.

    The diamond refers to diamonds that have been considered. Vajra is a natural mineral and the rough of diamonds.

    The standards for measuring the quality of a diamond have four dimensions, namely the weight, clarity, color (color), and cut (cut), which is usually said to "4C standard". This standard was founded by GIA (American Gem Institute) and is currently the most mainstream diamond evaluation standards in the world.
    The diamonds are identified and issued by international gem scholars and issued third -party independent opinions. Based on 4C standards, the price of diamonds is determined.

    Based on the above knowledge, the price of diamond ring is determined by the weight of the ring and the quality of the diamond, and it is about the international price every day, so you need to inform the weight of the weight and diamond 4C standard

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