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  1. Gold will turn white when encountering mercury. According to the golden nature of gold, the main reason for gold to become white is to encounter mercury, a chemical reaction of mercury, and producing new chemicals, gold and mercury, and the color of the golden mercury is yellow and white, which is adsorbed in adsorption in the adsorption of it. The surface of gold jewelry makes gold white.
    If there are gold and platinum rings on the adjacent fingers, then the fingers often move, which will cause gold and platinum to rub each other. Essence
    If the application field of mercury
    The most commonly used applications for mercury are industrial chemicals and applies in electron or electrical products. Mercury is also used for thermometer, especially thermometer that measures high temperature. More and more gaseous mercury is still used to manufacture sunlight, and many other applications have been gradually eliminated due to the problems of affecting health and safety. Instead, they are replaced by galinstan alloys with weak toxicity but much more expensive.
    In addition, the use of mercury can be decomposed from its minerals, so it is often used in gold ore. Used to make instruments such as air pressure meter and diffusion pump. Gas mercury is used for mercury steam lamp. Used to make liquid mirror telescope. Rotate the liquid to form a parabolic face shape, so as to perform an astronomical telescope for an astronomical observation, the price is one -third of the ordinary telescope.

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