2 thoughts on “What is the reason why gold meet?”

  1. Gold jewelry contains gold. When gold encounters mercury, it will respond to each other to generate a "gold -mercury agent", that is, it becomes "golden mercury containing gold", and the color is white. There are many types of cosmetics nowadays. Some cosmetics contain trace mercury. When using cosmetics, accidentally encounter gold jewelry, which will turn white and generate "golden mercury with gold". The agent contains a trace lead, and the gold encounters the lead capacity. For the above two gold jewelry that has become white and black, it can be heated with the gasoline spray wheels used for jewelry processing, because the melting point of mercury and lead is very low. In the heating of the spray wheel, it will volatilize, so that the gold jewelry will restore the gold jewelry. face. Of course, it is best not to wear gold jewelry when applying cosmetics or dyeing to avoid post -troubles.

    If people wear a golden ring on a finger of the same hand, and a platinum ring on the adjacent fingers, because the fingers are often moving, it is easy to cause the gold ring and the platinum ring to mutual each other Rong, so that the surface of the gold jewelry is plainly white. In this case, it cannot be used to disappear with gasoline spray wheels, because the melting point of platinum is hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of more than the melting point of gold. For such a white gold jewelry, you can use agate knife planing, or rub it with thick cloth (such as canvas) to restore the gold to brighten.

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