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  1. Christmas budget 500-1000 gifts:
    1. Perfume
    Every girl is longing for a bottle of precious perfume. Although everyone's family conditions are different, some people may use the noble perfume , So I think you can buy a bottle of high -end perfume for your girlfriend, generally like Chanel, Dior, Ferragur, Bulgari, these brands of perfume, seven or eight hundred dollars should be able to buy a bottle. You can participate in various promotions on online shopping software, which may be slightly cheaper. The 500-1000 budget may be able to buy 2 bottles.

    2. down jackets or boots
    The Christmas is in winter, so it is relatively cold at this time. If you give your girlfriend a down jacket, you can protect the cold. Of course It is the one that loves beauty. You can send him a pair of boots. First of all, the boots must have the effect of protecting the cold, and the boots are particularly temperament and attract the opposite sex. I think it is a very good gift. , A good down jacket may not be less than 1,000 yuan. Ordinary down jackets may be between 300 ~ 500 yuan, and a pair of boots are 300 ~ 500. Gifts.

    3. Necklaces
    The necklace is divided into many materials, such as ordinary steel necklaces, as well as more expensive silver necklaces, gold necklaces, pearl necklaces, diamond necklaces, etc. ,男女朋友之间互送礼物的时候,很大概率会有人送各种首饰,特别是项链这种东西,那么像你所说的,500~1000块钱这样的价位是可以给女朋友赠送A silver or gold -made necklace can generally be worn for a long time, and it is also good.

    4. Bluetooth headset
    If your girlfriend is a person who likes to listen to songs very much, or she likes to wear a line headset for a long time, whether it is listening to songs or chasing dramas, then then You can consider sending her a Bluetooth headset. The price of the Bluetooth headset is also high. From dozens of dollars to two hundred to seven or eight hundred, there may be the most expensive. If you are interested, you can buy a good Bluetooth headset for your girlfriend. Personally, it is recommended that three or five hundred is enough. It is less than one hundred and too inferior to five hundred.

    5. Cosmetics and skin care products
    cosmetics and skin care products are more inclined to give skin care products, but if the girlfriend likes to make up, she can still give her cosmetics. Cosmetics are not as good as skin care products There are two reasons. The first is that I think there are too many cosmetic chemical composition. If you use more, it may not be the opposite of the skin. The second is that cosmetics may actually exceed your budget, but skin care products are actually okay, but skin care The product is also very expensive. I used to have a female girlfriend told me that a cosmetics or skin care products of an ordinary brand may be close to 1,000 yuan. If you want to buy higher -end So this requires a lot of force.

  2. 1. Couple watch. The watch is very meaningful. It represents the two people every minute and every second, implying the thoughts of each other at all times. Watch on Christmas is also a good choice. Couple watches can represent your special identity and announce your couple status to the world.

    2, scarf. Christmas is winter. Girls are naturally afraid of cold, so a scarf is necessary. As a thoughtful boy, give her a scarf on Christmas, just like Korean dramas, put on her own hand, and then hold her hand to help her warm it. It instantly warmed her girlfriend's heart. It feels warm.

    3, shooting the camera. The little bit of you together is worth recording with a camera, and the biggest benefit of standing the camera is that you can see the photos immediately, the moment of freezing, and the high value of the shooting. Girls will like it. It is also good to give it a Christmas gift to a girlfriend.

    4, perfume. As the saying goes, a woman who smells a woman is like a fragrant flower, which exudes vitality and elegance. While adding charm, it can also give others a kind of recognition. When giving perfumes, if you can, choose a unique taste, a taste that belongs to you, and it is very suitable for your girlfriend.

    5, jewelry jewelry. An exquisite snowflake necklace, or a diamond ring of snowflakes, has a full temperament, and has a strong Christmas atmosphere.

    6, chocolate. Although chocolate is very ordinary, there are still many brands, tastes, and shapes. The silky and sweet chocolate is like a taste of love, which is very suitable for girlfriends. If conditions permit, you can make it yourself, and the effect is better.

  3. 1. Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry can improve personal temperament and taste, and also plays an important role in clothing matching. 2. Bags, women's bags are just like clothing and shoes, which is only essential. 3. Lipstick, girls need to use lipstick daily. The shelf life of lipstick is generally about one to two years, so the cost -effectiveness of lipstick is relatively high. 4. Flowers, women are difficult to resist the charm of flowers. 5. Taking up: The first idea, girls generally prefer to take pictures of pictures, and bask in various beautiful photos in the circle of friends. Most girls will not refuse to take a convenient and fast -growing camera in this way, and record the beauty of the present at any time. The appearance is cute and fresh, which is simply exclusive to girls. 6. Hair dryer: Whether it is long or short hair, the hair dryer can be used. The quality of the hair dryer is also very particular. Some hair dryers have damaged the hair quality, and it is too heavy to use too heavy. At present, there are many styles of hair dryers. The small and exquisite face is high, and girls are full of girls. 7. Electric toothbrush: Everyone needs to pay attention to care for teeth health, and the importance of teeth is self -evident. But gifts such as electric toothbrushes are best to give them more familiar girls. If you and the other person just know it shortly, it is not appropriate to use it to show or confess the gift. It is very good to give it to the long -awaited girlfriend.

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