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  1. First, rice. Rice is a gift that many people brought when they are walking from friends and relatives. Rice is eaten as a staple food. Usually go to the supermarket to buy a bulk, but in fact, there are many vacuum packaging rice. Beautiful, especially suitable for gifts for gifts. The main thing is that rice eats every day. After delivery, people can just use it. It is an affordable and popular gift.

    two, peanut oil. The shelf life of peanut oil is also very long. I usually pay special attention to the shelf life of peanut oil. It is about a year and a half, so it is also good for peanut oil. The main thing is that the price of peanut oil is not cheap. A gift that can be used, this gift can be used every day, so you might as well take it when you go!

    three, frozen meat. There are a lot of fresh frozen meat. It is also very popular. The price of fresh meat is really not cheap, especially pork. If you spend the same money, you may wish to buy some such cold fresh meat. After buying it, you can give it away. The freezing room can be stored for a long time, and there will be no moldy phenomenon, so this frozen meat is also very suitable for visiting friends.

    four, dried fruit. If you have elderly people or children at home, you can bring some dried fruit gift boxes or dry fruits when you go to relatives' house. If you want to save it for a long time, it is best to buy dry fruits stored in a vacuum packaging bag. Various types of buying some. The nutritional value of dried fruit is very high. Many people will ignore the dried fruit, but in fact, eating a little dried fruit every day is to the body. It is very useful. You can put dried fruits in it when making soy milk. It is rich in nutrition and popular.

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