5 thoughts on “What are the gifts of about 30 yuan! Simple and applicable”

  1. What are the gifts of about 30 yuan! Simply applicable? Gifts within 30 yuan can only think about the meaning of multiple points.

    1. Photo placing frame

    In the day of the employee's birthday party to help the employees take pictures. The customized photo frame is made, and the price is about 30 yuan. Similar can also be selected for albums.

    2. Sports cup

    This is also more practical to choose a sports cup, which is convenient for daily carriers to remind you to drink water every day.

    3. Book

    The inspirational book is also fine, novels are also fine, or some basic knowledge types of computers can also be used. Knowledge is priceless and priceless! Hehehe, you can buy different things. Employees can be exchanged after reading it.

  2. This world is no longer the era when there is money that can make ghosts pushing, and it has become a weird era of richness that can make ghosts. Everyone becomes so realistic. Interpersonal relationships are no longer the kind of random communication before. Talking about the good time of life to make the wine and love the terrible world that measures the interpersonal relationship based on money as a standard. Xiaobian thinks that it is not only money is the standard. See if a person really treats you, the important thing is not money, but because of his mind. What he is missing himself is willing to take out a lot. This is the sincerity of a person. When giving gifts, it is not only expensive. It is the best. 30 yuan gifts are recommended. There are also many high -quality and low -cost products that can be given as gifts to each other.

    li website, a relatively complete industry website, all kinds of products and gifts on them are available. Customers can choose the appropriate product according to the preferences of the gift. These prices are low. The product does not mean that the quality is not hacked. In the few days when the assembly line machine produces, the cost of the item has actually dropped very low. Most of the time, the cost of high -priced goods is actually not very high, so 30 yuan gifts are recommended , Absolutely a gift recommendation, exquisite gifts and moderate prices. Therefore, let's choose a suitable gift for the one we love with our good heart.

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