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  1. Dalian tourist souvenirs include shell carving, seafood, fruits, crafts, clothing, etc.
    1. Bay carving: The 100 kinds of shells of the sculptors are used as raw materials. According to the color and shape characteristics of each shell, use the traditional carving techniques and Chinese painting composition forms to be refined into semi -three -dimensional relief flowers, landscapes, characters and other shell sculptures Painting, realistic and lifelike.

    2. Sea Eight Zhen is the most popular seafood in Dalian, including sea cucumber, abalone, scallops, shrimp, dumplings, sea red, dumplings, oysters, and the north of the sides of the sides of the sides The best quality participation. The "Five Elements Stabs" in Changhai County, Dalian, is known as the "King of the Crossing" and has a very high nutritional value and is listed as the head of "Hai Babao". In addition, the common edible seafood in Dalian also includes conch, kelp, mud, tweezers, small wave snails, and various fish, shrimp, algae and other products. Among them, dried fish made of horse -faced fish, squid, eel, etc. is a favorite snack.
    3. Dalian Yellow Peach Dalian Yellow Peach is the leader of the natural hybrid seedlings of the ancient yellow peach variety "early golden peach" in my country. The yield, cold resistance, large fruit, formal, thick meat, mellow, storage, and transportation resistance. These 16 words are the concentrated summary of Dalian Huang Tao's comprehensive characteristics. Today's canned products in Dalian Huangtao have been famous at home and abroad. Cherry Dalian has a complete variety of cherries, mainly in more than 30 varieties such as red lights, red honey, the best brocade, giant 1338, and Golden State Big Cherry. The cherry produced here is authentic, rich in nutrition, and green without pollution. Its origin is mainly concentrated in the Lushunkou District and Jinzhou District. Lushunkou District has become one of the best planting areas in my country and even the world's cherry with its unique geographical location and climatic conditions.
    4. Apple Dalian is the "hometown of Apple" in China. There are more than 100 Apple varieties, and there are dozens of main cultivation. Including excellent varieties such as Zhu Guang, August Crispy, Yingqiu, Gold, Marshal, Red Jade, Banana Apple, etc., but the most well -known is Guoguang Apple, which is moderate sweet and sour, crispy and delicious, thick and tough, and easy to store.
    The shopping location of Dalian n The across streets of the railway station are relatively large, and the streets are relatively concentrated. When you come here, you must be mentally prepared. Like the underground of Shengli Plaza, you must have a bargaining skills.
    Dalian City, Dalian's favorite, but the terrain is a strange door, and it is not clear to visit the rolling of eight times and eight times. If you want to experience it, you can try it, but the friendship prompts to bring a compass. The compass is best to have a local guide, and it must be shopping.
    Qingniwa Bridge, the general name of the business district in front of the station, is the largest and most prosperous business district in Dalian.
    The underground of Shengli Plaza, super large, easy to get lost, wide range, boutique, leisure brand stores, Korean cities, novel gift shops. Remember! Be sure to bargain, the kind of half -price turn!
    Xi'an Road, the second largest business district of Dalian, especially recommending his night market. After the shopping mall was closed at 9 pm, snacks, accessories, daily necessities, cosmetics, clothing, and clothing, which can be described as dazzling.

  2. Dalian's tourist souvenirs are mainly shells, shell carving, pearl necklace bracelets, etc. The general price is not expensive. There are some shop sales in Russia's style streets in the north of Shengli Bridge, and major attractions are also sold. Special foods are all kinds of seafood. There are some vacuum packaging small seafood, grilled fish slices, etc. Some of the high -end are gift packaging sea cucumber and abalone.

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