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  1. 1. Describe the ancient poems of jewelry
    "Yong Yule · Falling Sun Melting Gold" Li Qingzhao full text -the sunset melting gold, the twilight of the twilight, where is the people? ! The Lantern Festival, melting and weather, is there no storm in the second time? Come to call each other.
    Izhongzhou Shengri, the boudoir has a lot of time, remember to focus on three or five, lay the Cuiguan, twist the golden snow willow, and the clusters compete for the Chu. It is better to listen to people with laughter.
    "Peacock Flying Southeast" has the embroidery waist, the 葳蕤; the red Luo resumes the tent, the four corners of the vertical sacral; The cheap things are also despicable, not enough to welcome future generations, staying for legacy, no cause today.
    The comfort for a long time! "Ji Ming was desperate, and the new woman was strictly made up. I embroidered the skirt with four or five passage.
    . The waist is like a stream of plain, and the ears are bright.
    The refers to the roots of the green onion, the mouth is like Zhu Dan. The fiber is thin, exquisitely unparalleled.
    , Cai Sangcheng South. The green silk is the cage system, and the cinnamon is a cage hook.
    This on the head of the head, the bright moon beads in the ears. "The festival is half a new sleep, and the corolla does not come to the hall. The ancient poems of the jewelry
    Wei Ying objects
    1. , Holding the Mingyue, the sorrow of the sorrow into water.
    3. The coral and the trees of the coral have no flowers and leaves, non -stone nor Joan, where the world is available,
    4. There is nothing to separate the dust, and the elephant is not visible. Zhao Qi.
    Tang -Wang Han
    Liangzhou Ci Grape Wine Nights Cup, I want to drink pipa immediately, drunk lying on the sandy field Jun Mo Xiao, several people in ancient times. R nThis in the guests of Lanling Wine Tulip, the jade bowl Shenglai amber light, but the owner can drunk the guest, I do not know where it is his hometown.
    3. The ring name of the ring is "ring", and the history books are called "contract", "cut (the left should be the" bow ") ring, 'notes", "generation finger" and so on. Initially, the ring was a special label that the concubine and concubines in the court used to avoid taboos. When you have a pregnancy or other circumstances, you can't approach the king, all are put on the left hand with the golden ring, and the "emperor Xing" of the emperor is banned. Usually, use silver ring to put it on the right hand. Later, the ring passed to the folk and went to its original meaning, thinking that it was beautiful, and it was left to be atmospheric for a long time. The "Three Rebellion Pen" in the Ming Dynasty was written; Acacia see the loop. May Jun Yong hold it, the cycle is endless. - "Quan Tang Poetry. Answer Poetry with Li Zhangwu"
    (Wang's answer Li Zhangwu Baiyu's ring)
    Sien two lines of geese, about one silver. —— Song. Wen Yanbo
    Thexuality, from Langso's ring. ——In Sui. Ding Liu Niang's "Shiso Poems"
    Why are you diligent? About a pair of silver. —— Three Kingdoms. Fanqin's "Poetry of Dingqing"
    4. What are the sentences that describe the jewelry
    1. ——The long hate song Tang Bai Juyi
    2. Cutting into the world, the true nature is injured. —— "Yongyu" Tang Wei Yingwu
    3. Both mourned yellow birds, but also reappeared Bai Guishi. —— "Yongyu" Zhuwan
    4. —— "Yong Yu Le · Flower Sun Molition Gold" Southern Song Li Qingzhao
    5. - "Peacock Southeast Fly" Lefu Poems
    6. —— "Mo Shang Sang" Yuefu Poems
    7. Yunxuan half -partial sleep, the corolla is not full. —— "Song of Everlasting" Tang Bai Juyi
    8. —— "The Book of Songs"
    9. - "Luo Shen Fu" Cao Zhi
    10. —— "Peacock Flying Southeast"
    11. A petite love, misunderstanding the gold ring. —— "Boarding Life" common sense
    12. Twisted ringing ring, acacia see the loop of the loop. —— "Answer Poems with Li Zhangwu" Wang's woman
    13. —— "The farmer gets the ancient jade ring ring" Su Yan
    14. —— "Qin Wang Roll Clothing" text is the same as
    15. Longxiang small handle pipa curved, Cherishu Linglong scheduled ring. —— "Forty -Six Sixteen of Lake Lake" Zhu Yizun
    5. Ancient poems described the sentence of jewelry pendant
    I hate song authors: Bai Juhan Emperor's emphasis on the country, Yuyu could not ask for many years.
    The Yang family has a daughter who has grown up and raised in the deep girlfriend. Born to give up, it is difficult to give up on the side of the king.
    looked back with a smile, and the sixth palace pink daisy has no color. Spring cold gives a bath in Huaqing Pond, and the hot spring water is slippery.
    The servant raised Jiao's weakness, it was the time of Xin Chengze. The clouds of clouds are shaken, and the hibiscus is warm in spring.
    The spring night is bitter for a short day, and the king has not been early. Cheng Huan's banquet has no leisure time.
    three thousand people in the harem, three thousand pets are one. Golden House makeup is in Jiao Shi Night, and the Yutou banquet is drunk and spring.
    Sisters and brothers are all soil, poor glorious portal. Then it made the parents of the world, and did not reborn men and daughters.
    The palace enters Qingyun at the height of the palace, and the fairy wind flutter. Slowly sing slowly and dance, and the king is not enough.
    Fuyang came to the ground, shocked the neon feathers. Jiuzhong City was born with smoke, and thousands of riding southwest.
    The Cuihua shakes and rests, and the west is more than a hundred miles. The Six Army did not feel helpless, and Wan turned the moth and died in front of him.
    This of the flowers of the flowers, and Cui Qiao Jinquan jade scratched his head. The king could not save his face, and looked back at the blood and tears.
    The yellow ethics is scattered and small, and the cloud stood lingers to the sword pavilion. There are few people under the Mount Emei, and the flag is thin and thin.
    This of Shuijiang Shui Bi Shu Mountain, the Lord of the Holy Lord died of twilight. The palace was sad when seeing the moon, and the night rain heard the sound of the intestines.
    The daytime rotary to Long Yu, he couldn't go here. In the soil of Ma Yipo, Yu Yan was not seen.
    The monarchs and ministers take care of their clothes, and they are looking at Malua. The return of Chi Yuan is still, Taiye Furong Wuliban willow.
    Frhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhas Spring wind peach flowers open night, autumn rain sycamore leaves fall.
    The autumn grass in the south of the west palace. Liyuan disciples have white hair and new, pepper room Ajian Qing'e.
    Xidian Flying was quiet, and the lone lamp was picked up. The bells and drums were long and long night, and Geng Geng Xinghe wanted to heaven.
    The cold cream is heavy, who is the same as emerald. Life and death have never come to dream.
    The Taoist priest Hong Duke can cause soul with sincerity. In order to feel the king's exhibition, he taught Fang Shi to find diligent.
    The row of emptiness to control the air and rush to the earth. The poor and the blue spring fell in Huangquan, and the two places were disappeared.
    Suddenly hearing that there are fairy mountains on the sea, the mountains are in nothingness. The pavilion rose five clouds, among them about more fairy.
    The word is too real, and the snow skin looks like. Jin Xun's western compartment hugs the jade, and teaches Xiaoyu Double Cheng.
    It smelled the emperor of the Han family, the dream soul was shocked in Jiuhua's account. The clothes pushed up the pillow, and the silver screen of the beads foil opened.
    The clouds are half a new sleep, and the corolla is not full. The wind blows the fairy, and it is like dancing in the clothes.
    Yu Rong's lonely tears, pear blossoms in spring with rain. The love condenses the king, and the sound is two slim.
    The love in the Zhaoyang Hall, the sun and the moon in the Penglai Palace. Looking back at the world, there was no sight of Chang'an.
    It will be affectionate for the old object, and the alloy alloy will be sent away. Leave a piece of harmony, and the golden gold is divided.
    But the teachings are like Jin Yanjian, and you will meet in the world. Farewell to send the words diligently, there is a vow in the words.
    In July 7, the longevity hall, no one whispered in the middle of the night. In the heavenly wisdom, wing birds, and the wishes in the place.
    The long day long and time, this hate is endless. Tang Bai Juyi's "Pipa Line" is below the original pipa line to send guests at the night of the Pipa line.
    The owner went to the horse with the horse, raised alcohol to drink without orbital. Drunk is not good at good.
    Suddenly hearing the pipa sound of the water, the owner forgot to return to the guest. Looking for a secret asking who the bullet, the pipa sounds late.
    Stit the boat to meet each other, add wine to the lights to open the banquet. The call came out, and I still hugged the pipa half -covered.
    three or two stringes of the shaft. String stringing to conceal his voice, and he seemed to be unsatisfactory in his life.
    The low eyebrow letter proceedings continued to bomb, saying endless things. Slowly twisted and picked up, first six years after the neon.
    The big string is noisy like rain, and the string is cut aspigible. The noisy cut was miscellaneous.
    This Yingying language is slippery, and it is difficult to flow down. Bingquan is cold and astringent, and the condensation will gradually rest.
    Monless sorrow and hate, at this time silently. The silver bottle broke the water slurry, and the iron rode highlighted the sword.
    The tunes finally chapted a heart painting, and the four string sounds like a crack. The east ship was silent, but he saw Jiang Xinqiu Yuebai.
    groaning and pushing into the strings, rectifying clothes to converge. He said that he was a Beijing woman, and his family lived down in the tomb of shrimp.
    This thirteen learned pipa, the first part of the famous teaching workshop. Qu Shi once taught good, and her makeup was jealous of Qiu Niang.
    Wu Ling's year is less entangled, and a song is not known. The head of the clouds and the blood of the blood, the blood -colored Luo skirt rolled the wine.
    In this year's laughter and next year, the autumn moon spring breeze is waiting. The younger brother walked from the army aunt, and went to the face of the face.
    This in front of the door was sparsely horses, and the boss married a businessman. The merchant was lightened and separated, and the first monthly floating beam bought tea.
    The go to Jiangkou's empty boat and walk around the moon. Late at night, dreaming young people, dream crying tears and tears.
    I I heard that Pipa had sighed, and he heard this. The same is the fall of the world, so why meet each other! I resigned from Emperor Jing last year, and I lived in the illness of Puyang City.
    This is not like music, and the sound of silk bamboo is not heard. Live in the low humidity of the nearby River, and the yellow reed bitter bamboo is born.
    While to smell what, the ape of the cuckoo crying. Chunjiang flowers and autumn moon nights, often taking wine and leaning.
    did not have mountain songs and village flutes. I heard Jun Jun Pipa, such as listening to Xianle Er for a long time.
    Mo Ci also sat in a song, and turned into a pipa for the king. I felt that I was so good for a long time, but I was in a hurry.
    This does not seem to sound forward, and the full smells are crying. Who is the most crying in the seat? Jiangzhou Sima Green shirt is wet.
    Lifu · Jieke Junior Field Li Bai Ziyan gold pupils, shaking the green mane. Pingming meets each other, and has forced Luo Men's east.
    In young people to learn swordsmanship, Ling Yan Bai Ape. The bead robe was dragged, and the dagger inserted Wu Hong.
    The origin of Wanfu Yong, stinging this life. From the drama Meng, buy drunk into Xinfeng.
    In a glass of wine and kill the city. Shame is easy to get cold, from Ling Rihong.
    Yan Dan did not stand up, and there was no Qin Emperor Palace. The dancer is dead, An Ke and Success.
    The shape, Pian Ruo is shocked, Wan Ruo You Dragon. Rong Yan Qiuju, Hua Mao Chunsong.
    It as if the moon is light clouds, the fluttering wind returns to the snow. Looking at it, Jiao Ruo Ruo rises to the glow;
    This fibrous heart, repairs the synergy. If the shoulders are cut, the waist is as scheduled.
    This neck show, the quality is showing. Fang Ze has no plus, lead Wife Royal.
    The cloud Emei, eyebrow trimming. Dan lips are outside, the teeth are fresh, the eyes are good, and the right to support.
    The is gorgeous, quiet, quiet. Tenderness.
    6. What are the verses that describe the "women wearing jewelry"
    1? ——The Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi's "Pipa"
    [Interpretation]: 钿 —— —— —— often breaks and crushed; the red Luo skirt is stained with wine stains and does not regret it.
    2, walk to the atrium and count the flowers. —— "Hetian Spring Ci" [Tang] Liu Yuxi
    [Interpretation]: Go to the court to check the newly opened flowers, and the dragonfly flew to the jade.
    3. —— "Magnolia Poetry" [Northern and Southern Dynasties] Anonymous
    [Interpretation]: Organize a soft hair like a cloud in front of the window, and put it on the mirror on the forehead.
    4. ——West Western Han Luo Mo Shang Sang ",
    [Interpretation]: The head of the head is combed on the head, and the earrings made of orbs on their ears. "Song of Everlasting"
    5, the Hua Yan committed no one accepted, Cuijiao Jinquan jade scratched his head. ——The Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi's "Song of Everlasting"
    [Interpretation]: The jewelry on the concubine, no one cleaned up. A precious headdress.
    6, Yunxuanhua Yan Jinbu shakes, hibiscus accounts warm spring night. —— "Peacock Flying Southeast" Jiao Zhongqing's wife
    [Interpretation]: She is wearing silk shoes under her feet, and her head on her head is shining.
    7, see someone coming, socks shovel golden. —— "Lip Lip" Song Li Qingzhao
    [Interpretation]: Seeing the guests coming, the socks shovel golden, and ashamed.
    8, the foot of the feet, light on the head, shades of waist, and the ears of the moon, referring to the roots of the green onion, the mouth such as Zhu Dan, the fiber is thin, and the exquisite world is unparalleled. ——Li Bai's "Jade Step Resentment"
    [Interpretation]: The steps of the jade building have breeded Bai Lu, and the dew was wet in the middle of the night.
    9. The world is thin in the world, and the cloth skirt is still a dress- "Peacock Southeast Fly" Jiao Zhongqing's wife
    [Interpretation]: Even the ancient women, even if they are poor, even poor, even if they are poor, even if they are poor Jing Nai Taoyu made by ceramic bamboo and wood must also buy a few, get up in the morning, pick up the hair, and insert it at the hazy bronze mirror, which is the first thing to do at the beginning of the day.
    7. The poems described in the famous sentences of the Book of Songs
    The bandit gentleman, such as discipline, like thinking. There are bandit gentlemen, full of ears, will be like a star. There are gangsters, such as Jin Ruyi, Ru Gui Ruyi. ("Book of Songs · Wei Feng · Qi")
    This is the poem of "Qiao" of the Book of Songs. The poem is interpreted as: the gentle gentleman, such as the jade articles after discussion and pondering; the gentle gentleman, the crystal jade pendant hanging on the earlobe, the jade on the deer skin hat is like a star shining; The gentleman, the spirit is like Jinxi, the character is like a Gui.
    Qi Shui is on the right, Quanyuan is on the left, with a smile of laughter, Pei Yuzhi's 傩. ("Book of Songs · Wei Feng · Bamboo Pifle")
    The verse in the "Book of Songs", "Book of Songs", 傩, elegant behavior, and lumpy. The poem is interpreted as: Qishui runs on the right, and Quanyuan flows on the left. When the beauty laughs, she shows white teeth as well as jade. She is so beautiful with jade on her body.
    The gentleman, embroidered clothes, generals Pei Yu, never forget. ("Book of Songs · Wei Feng · Dongnan"
    8. Describe the ancient poems of jewelry

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