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  1. At first glance: Look at the green, look at the structure, look at the color
    The look at the green glass of the jade, see the inside structure of the emerald flies wings.
    It look at the structure: Look at the thickness and light transmission of the jadeite.
    It color: color and color root, distinguish the fog -shaped color group.
    two touch: touch the feel, touch the blame
    The feel, the cold and green feeling, not the sticky feel of the coating film.
    This of ten jade nine patterns, the biggest difference between patterns and cracking is to touch the emerald pattern with your fingers to perceive whether it is stubborn.
    The jadeite has a strong sense of pressure. For the so -called confusing D goods, the same volume of jadeite is obviously heavier.
    The is the most particular about the eye fate to buy emeralds. At first glance, it is necessary to buy and what color it is. As long as it is really, buy it. If you see too much and dazzling, you must learn to "consider coloring". Generally, the first thing to buy emerald is the green color. Many people like the particularly gorgeous or green emerald. If this kind of jadeite is true, it must be the best, but the varieties of counterfeiting are also concentrated on these emeralds. Therefore, when you encounter such emeralds, you must look carefully.

  2. 1. Classification of Emerald Appraisal Agency

    1. Divided by administrative level

    National -level: National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (formerly affiliated to the Ministry of Land and Resources Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Management Management Center) Wait;

    provincial -level: Yunnan Jewelry Jade Stone Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute (affiliated to Yunnan Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau), etc.;

    of the city: Dalian Gold and Silver Jewelry Jewelry Supervision and Inspection Center (affiliated to the product quality supervision and inspection institute of the Dalian Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau).

    It in terms of talents, funds, management, scientific research, etc., the higher the administrative level, the greater the innate advantage of the testing institution, so it is easier to obtain market recognition.

    2. Divided according to the industry department

    The quality inspection system: Guangxi Product Quality Supervision Inspection Institute Jewelry Jewelry Inspection Office, etc.;

    Systems: Yunnan Earth Mine Jewelry Inspection Center;

    Golden Company: Guangdong Gold and Silver Jewelry Inspection Center, etc.; Jewelry Inspection Center, etc.;

    The industry association: China National Federation of Industry and Commerce Jewelry Industry Chamber of Commerce Jewelry Inspection Research Center, etc.; Co., Ltd., etc.

    The consumers are well known to the jade appraisal agency of the quality inspection system. The quality inspection system is due to the quality problems of most products in the market, so the quality supervision bureaus of various places will set up jadeite appraisal agencies to be responsible for the quality inspection of local emerald products.

    3. Divided according to the affiliation

    The self -operated: The emerald appraisal agency is operated by the employees of the unit, and the administrative superior or industry authority of the unit;

    Herbon operating: Shenzhen Kim Kajialong Jewelry Testing Co., Ltd. The testing stations in some regions of China are operated by local companies, and personnel, business, quality control, etc. are controlled by local companies. The relationship between local companies and the headquarters of the Jewelry Inspection and Research Center of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Jewelry Industry is similar to a commercial chain franchise model.

    4. Classified according to the type of qualification identification, it can be divided into the following three categories:

    (1), only measurement certification (CMA);

    (2), through measurement certification (CMA) and review recognition (accept) (CAL);

    (3), passing certification (CMA), review recognition (acceptance) (CAL) (CAL) (CAL) ), Laboratory recognition (CNAS).

    It, in terms of credibility and public acceptance, each emerald appraisal agency is arranged in the order of (CMA) u003C(CMA CAL) u003C(CMA CAL CNAS).

    . The level of power and qualifications of various emerald appraisal agencies.

    1. Due to too many types of jade appraisal agencies in China, there is no very accurate level division method.

    For example, the appraisal agency of private enterprises and industry associations has no administrative level. Even if there is a level of appraisal agency, such as the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. It was a national administrative institution that was originally affiliated to the Jewelry and Jewelry Management Center of the Ministry of Land and Resources, but now it has been restructured into an enterprise with the progress of the reform of the state's business institutions, and it has also lost its original administrative level. Therefore, in the industry, the classification methods of national -level appraisal agencies, provincial appraisal agencies and municipal appraisal agencies that are mentioned in Taobao can only provide reference opinions from the general names and original affiliation relationships, which is of little significance.

    2. The scope of power of various emerald appraisal agencies is mainly established by the qualification identification of the passing qualifications.

    . For example, if there are CMA metering certification, you can engage in jade inspection activities and provide a legal effect to the society; and more CAL review and recognition institutions, in addition to the basic emerald testing services,, in addition to the basic emerald testing services,, in addition to the basic emerald testing services,, in addition to the basic emerald testing services, You can also conduct arbitration inspections and conclusions on controversial emerald samples, and the inspection reports can be used as evidence in court.
    If also passed the certification (CNAS) certification (CNAS) certification (CNAS) of the China Qualified Evaluation of the National Appraisal Committee, that is, the jade appraisal agency with CMA, CAL, and CNAS. The ability has reached a relatively high level, and most of the international countries that have been issued in the world can be recognized.

    3. It is a good way to judge the level of the agency through the qualifications of each emerald appraisal agency.

    Make the authentication sign of the jade appraisal agency.

    cma —— a sign of the testing agency's measurement and certification, and an institution with this sign is a legal inspection agency. According to the relevant provisions of the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China", institutions engaged in social inspections and inspection products in China must be passed by the national or provincial measurement certification management department in conjunction with the evaluation agency. Engage in testing and inspection activities.
    The content of measurement certification assessment is the qualifications (level) of personnel, the accuracy and precision of inspection equipment and instruments, whether there are necessary work venues and conditions, whether there are sound work, management procedures, rules and regulations, whether there are any, whether Correct work basis and inspection methods, etc.

    Cal —— a sign of the test and inspection agency recognized by national quality review, and institutions with this logo are eligible to make arbitration inspection conclusions. CMA mainly means that inspectors, detection instruments, detection basis and methods are qualified, and the premise of CAL logo is to pass the certification, that is, the qualifications of "CMA", and then the conditions of the institutional quality management also meet the requirements. As a result, It can be considered that CAL is better than institutions with CMA, and the quality and reliability of work have taken one step.

    cnas —— The signs recognized by the Laboratory of the National Appraisal Committee of China. With this logo, it shows that the inspection agency has passed the assessment of the laboratory of the National Appraisal Committee of China. The laboratory management and inspection technical capabilities have reached a very high level. According to the relevant agreement between China to join the WTO, the "CNAS" logo can recognize each other internationally, such as being recognized by the United States, Japan, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries.

    The above three signs are valid, especially the first label CMA, which is the basic requirement for national laws to test and inspection agencies. At present, due to market competition and consumer consumption psychology, and because of the increasingly superb fake means to deal with the jewelry industry, the testing and inspection agencies must continuously improve their technical level, testing capabilities, and management methods. At the same time, it has the above three signs, and has the ability and level of three signs. It can be understood as an appraisal certificate with the above three signs, which has "three insurances".

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