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  1. This data comes from Baidu Map, and the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

    The driving route: The whole journey is about 126.5 kilometers
    . Starting point: Pinghai Ancient City
    1. Starting from the starting point to the west of the positive, drive 960 meters, cross the right side of Dongzhou, go straight to enter into the way X213
    2. Traveling 24.5 kilometers along X213, Zhanpeng Building on the right, turn left into G324
    3. Traveling 12.9 kilometers along G324, passing the Dapu Tunqiao, go straight into G324
    4. G324 drive 710 meters, cross the white clouds, go straight into the Shenhai Expressway
    5. Traveling 70.7 kilometers along the Shenhai Expressway, crossing the white clouds, towards Yantian Port/Henggang/G25/S28, and turn to the right to enter to the right. Changshen Expressway
    6. Traveling 1.1 kilometers along the Changshen Expressway, go straight into the Changshen Expressway
    7. Travel 230 meters along the Changshen Highway Turn on the ramp
    8. The driving plan in Shenzhen
    1) driving 480 meters along the ramp, straight into the water official highway
    2) Traveling 740 meters along the water official highway, Chaodan Ping quickly/Pinghu Lake /Sand Bay, turn to the ramp to the right slightly
    3) Traveling 1.5 kilometers along the ramp, go straight into Danping Expressway
    4) Traveling 7.6 kilometers along Danping Expressway, cross Danzhu head, go straight to enter to enter Danping Expressway
    5) driving 20 meters along Danping Express Road, go straight into Shawan Road
    6) Traveling 280 meters along Shawan Road, go straight into patriotic road
    7) Killer, crossing the Patriotic Road viaduct, slightly turn right into the patriotic road
    8) Traveling 460 meters along the patriotic road, go straight into Dongmen North Road
    9) Traveling 1.1 kilometers along Dongmen North Road, deep towards the train station deep In the direction of South East Road, turn to the left to the middle of the east gate
    10) Traveling 850 meters along Dongmen Middle Road, cross the Wandafeng Building on the right, turn right and rear into the sunbath road
    11) Drive 350 meters, pass the east gate on the left, towards Ying Hotel/Xinyuan Road, turn left into Xinyuan Road
    12) Drive 510 meters along Xinyuan Road, cross the Yedelou on the right, reach the end point to the end point (On the left side of the road)
    : Windmill Island

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