2 thoughts on “Gilling or 999 silver jewelry, good gold plating or 999 silver?”

  1. First of all, gold plating depends on the material inside. Silver gold plating is still very good, and gold plating can also effectively prevent silver oxidation, but if the process is not good, it is easy to fade
    999 silver purity. But silver is easy to oxidize, yellow turning black
    If the internal materials are determined to be 999 silver, it is recommended to enter gold

  2. S925 is a pure silver material with a silver content of 92.5%. 925 silver gold plating is the common method in the market. Mainly because 925 silver contains a small amount of sulfur. The gloss is not considered gold -plated, mainly silver -value, so 925 silver jewelry can only be regarded as popular jewelry, not luxury goods

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